Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Last year, we threw a stupendous pride Good Times party honoring the original rainbow brite, Mr. Little Richard. And since we've been yearning to hear Scott Ewalt's collection of soulful oldies and doo wop one more time, we figured a post-Pride sequel to Little Richard's Southern Fried Soul Shack would be the perfect solution.

Get into guest DJ Scott Ewalt's Little Richard shirt! Scott is a total tshirt hoarder and has something like 800+ shirts that I hope to inherit one day when he decides to only wear smoking jackets and bathrobes Hugh Hefner style. Oh, and thanks to DJ Ginger (aka Sean McMahill, right) for getting the party started.

These two aren't even ready for what we have in store for you later this July and August, aka Papis and Poppers for all of our popper-loving Latinos out there.

It's all about the blue shirts and the blue hats, with the Ikettes' I'm Blue blaring in the background. (Gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gah-gah gong gong yeah!)

Taking that Yeah Yeah Yeah's Show Your Bones album title a little too seriously.

Tan off! Mirror mirror on the stinky Eastern Bloc bathroom wall, who's the tannest of them all? (side note: Spencer Pratt on the left much?)

Jermaine (right) has three whole boxes of thin mint girl scout cookies stored up in his freezer a few blocks from Good Times and my apartment and has been torturing me with mobile phone pics of them on a regular basis. (Yes, some people trade dick pics but we here at Twerking trade Girl Scout cookie pics.)

SISTERS ARE DOIN' IT FOR THEMSELVES! Me and Mikey (right, with the most major shag ever!) welcomed the San Francisco treat that is Roberto (left) to New York with a proper night out before I whisked Robertish to Fire Island for many consecutive nights in Lina's KiKi Lounge.

Though we're missing Provincetown's Bear Week this year (say hey to our other sister, Mark Louque at his Wednesday Fagbash party if you're up there), we're doing our own Bear Week (aka Bear Night) at Good Times next week with the ferocious and furry W. Jeremy Pelser.

Tank you very much.

The Shangri-La's, also known as the Leaders of the Pack. Dum dum ditty!

Get into all these dark and tan cuties! Touch this skin darling, touch all of this skin.

Please welcome Mazdak (right) to New York City. Mazdak and I worked together in San Francisco many moons ago and he finally found his way east after relocating last week. Looking forward to many more Good Times with this one.

Gabriel (left) and Ryan aka the boys who follow rivers Lykke Li style (when remixed by the Magician. Can we do a Magician Good Times yet?)

Scott (left) and Jeff, makin' six foot five look like no big thang.


A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop A-lop-bam-boo!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday John! John and his buddy are always a bit short on words but we're hoping they found the perfect birthday present that evening.

Eddie, Andreas, Kevin and Troy (from left), stepping out of 1961 and back into 2011 for a hot minute.

Tutti fruity indeed.

Shorty swingin' my way, literally.

Sho' looks good to me.

The handsomeness of the evening (left) and no I'm not talking about bartender Darren.

Why do DJs always do this weird pose with their headphones when they do promo photo shoots. Anyway, thank GOD Andy (center) and Charlize were there to get me through the evening because it ain't a soulful party without these two ladies of color.

Giving you WWF moves galore.

And then Kathleen Hanna showed up! (I wish.)

Don't you hear me calling you Miss Keisha?

Fake out! Obvs there's no smoking in New York City bars and clubs and we like it like that.

When I dip you dip we dip.

And for the final song of the evening Scott and I played The Flamingos' I Only Have Eyes for You, which incited one final slow dance for the evening.

See you next week at Bear Week(day) NYC Good Times, with me and dance diva W. Jeremy Pelser. xo

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