Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am sure you don't notice weekly Wednesday weather patterns like we do. And guess what? It has rained every Wednesday for like, eight weeks straight, though mother nature's surprise springtime weather hasn't kept many away from our Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, where surprise DJ Michael Magnan and I spun a sets filled with whodathunkits.

Whodathunk our happy hour barman Sammy could clean up so nicely? Handsome hair and a demure outfit seemed to have done the trick.

Hug it out little buddies. I was surprised to see the bar so full at 10pm when I arrived, though I guess cheap happy hour drinks and $1 vodkas at 11pm are key for the young'uns.

Who doesn't love a good homage-to-Tara-Reid nip slip? Well, I guess it's not such a slip when you're yanking down on your flannel. It's more like Kelvin's back behind the camera and giving you kooky camera direction down boots. (notice all the thumbprints in later photos. Thanks Kelv!)

Seriously thought this was former Eastern Bloc barback turned porn star turned pilot Blu Kennedy.

Why was every shorty seated at the bar post-happy hour and why were they all so damn adorable (especially on the left. que rico!)

One of these hecklers thought it'd be real funny to shout back to me "WHAT KIND OF VODKA?!" when I announced the 11pm $1 vodka special. Ummmm, the day we do $1 Grey Goose vodka special is the day all this taxidermy comes to life (which would be really really scary). #GoodTimesNightmares

Now that's more like it. The Vengabus must be comin' cuz we like to party x 3.

Casey and an early load for the evening.

Look who else cleaned up nicely! Without the beard and visible neck tattoo, I almost mistook Raul for a straight dude on an accidental gay bar date with his honeybunch.

The return of DJ Uncut! Louis (center, formerly known as DJ Uncut) is no longer gogo-ing nor DJing as much as he once did in downtown Manhattan, which makes it even more of a treat when his handsome face pops up from time to time.

Interrupting a fierce fourway (conversation), more commonly known as a fourgy.

My fellow Long Island DJ brother Ryan McKnight (right, with his tour manager and his very own groupie), proposed a guest spot for him where he could pay tribute to my Merrick, Long Island roots by playing Debbie Gibson and some Tiffany and lots of freestyle (and maybe even a Lindsay Lohan single). Can we say gaggggggggggg?

You'll remember this dandy fellow named Andrew from last week, when he also wore an equally adorable ensemble consisting of a furry Russian cap and a patterned necktie. We likey.

Tom (center) and friends, one of whom looks like he could be a prospective frosh on one of those college overnights when the pair you up with a university student who takes you out for a wild night at Good Times where you throw up everywhere and black out. I'm not gonna tell you which friend though.

Ryan and David (from left) have fallen under the spell of the other David's porn 'stache and are therefore unable to concentrate or look into the camera or think anything beyond porn 'stache-y thoughts. The vintage porn on the tv (which you never see in pics) isn't helping either.

Surprise thrupple at our evening of surprises.

Last we saw Braden, she was swinging from the stripper pole with a half-naked San Francisco treat. Now she's all covered up and shrugging off the entire incident. Then again, it was only midnight when this photo was taken.

Shoulder blade tattoos are the new tramp stamp.

Yes he's drunk and yes he's doing heil hitler salute. Free to be you and me!

Birthday boy Will Shields (center, with his posse of sports-capped studs) is majorly frousing that DJ Lina always overshadows his birthday with hers. And there is only one thing to say to that: SORRY WILL, BUT GET USED TO IT!!! LINA IS A LEGEND AND SHE AIN'T CHANGIN' HER BIRTH DATE FOR NO ONE! She's also DJing a birthday Led Zeppelin Good Times with me at next week's party. Tangerine dreamz!!!!

And the week after next, on April 20th, we have the musical and herbal wizardry of DJ Dandy Lion, who will host and DJ our very first 420 party on 4/20! Though by the looks of this pic, it looks like some of the children have already started celebrating.

Mike H., throwing major side eye Will S.'s way. BIRTHDAY side eye, that is!

When legends arrive at the bawwwwwl.

A very strike-a-pose moment, which happen quite often with Xander (in the leopard prints, natch).

Danny (right) and Hugh Heffner! Get that money, Danny!

Sometimes things are a blur at Good Times and sometimes the camera is a blur. And sometimes its a blurry Kelvin the photographer that takes blurry pictures of Alex (right) and friend.

Thrupples in action part two.

Thrupples in action part three.

SURPRISE! We're not really brothers but we like to tell people that we are.

Mack daddy Rob was happily surprised to hear me play a healthy helping off the Britney Spears album, which we couldn't get enough of this past week.

Two of the BEST surprises of the evening were Michael Magnan's stellar set (he played Ce'cile AND Patra, thank you very much) and a long-haired Natasha!

A true family function, bo'kaaaaaay?

If I told you that I wanted your body, would you hold it against me?

West coast correspondent Gregor (center), showing off the smells and tastes of a San Francisco treat to Michael W. and another hunk.

Ladies who lunch.

Requisite 3am photo.


Awwwww. Look who boo-ed up for the evening (using the word "boo" as a verb is the new black, btw).

The only way I knew that was Lapo (yes, I have no recollection of this moment) is his delicate Italian touch...and those iconic purple pants! doing the robot! across the street!!!!

Note to Mathew: my birthday is May 4th (a Wednesday night!) and I am very much expecting a salted chocolate cake at Eastern Bloc which I will not be sharing with anyone except for bartender Darren (because he doesn't eat cake). xo, Sparber


Shade. No, literally, shade (from the flash. "Cameras ready, prepare to...")

Damian (center) has become a bit of a local celebrity after suffering a terrible beating in the West Village a few weeks ago. We're so happy to see he's on the mend and back to his old nightlife ways of showing up right before last call.

Jermaine continues to tempt me with his Thin Mint-colored hoodie.

Goodnight! Go home! See you next week for Led Zeppelin Good Times with me and DJ Lina. xo

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