Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Mid-April might be the best time of the year ever in the East Village and not because the sun begins to shine and I can bike around in a tank top to my heart's content. It's because for two years now, we've had the honor to celebrate god's most exquisite creation, DJ Lina, with a night of her number one musical choice, Led Zeppelin, at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc.

In honor of guest DJ and birthday girl Lina, I dug out one of two tshirts I own featuring the lovely vixen front and center. Barback Rob (right) was one of many with Lina envy.

This week, we also learned that happy hour bartender Sam is off the market! No other details were revealed other than a facebook status update but we're pretty sure it isn't an April Fools joke this time around. OR IS IT?!

Our annual Led Zeppelin 4 Lina's birthday night is all about peace, love and harmony, as demonstrated by the hugs and peace signs seen here.

Ready for the Dancing Days to begin.

Spring fever must be in the air, as we also learned that our old buddy Ryan L. (center) has found himself a hubby too (right).

One of Eastern Bloc's owners, Gabriel, has been doing a bit of repair and improvement work on the oh-so-lovely Eastern Bloc soundsystem. Now if only we could boot out that 3-person family that lives in a studio (!) upstairs who always calls down with noise complaints.

Twin make-out moments.

Cutie and his living loving maid (she's just a woman).

Lina's birthday party is always a bittersweet affair because it means she leaves Manhattan for Fire Island the following day. Of course, the upside to that is the imminent opening of the Kiki Lounge, where Stephen K. (right) is known to serve whiskey-infused fruit treats.

Richard and coat check Kevin, eagerly anticipating next week's 420 party on 4/20! with guest DJ and 420 queen bee DJ Dandy Lion.

Gay autism x 3? I can only imagine the camera directions photographer Kelvin was serving up with Brett, Colin and Michael (from left).

Andy (left) and Greg, who has been topping the New York Times best seller charts with his Madonna send-up book, Sex In Drag. Buy it here.

Peanut butter jelly time!

My sisters Ryan, Adrian, Cora and Mikey (from left), who are kind of like their own little Mob Wives posse in the making. Donnnnnnnnnnnn't.

The Black (leather) Party, part deux.

One of these queens will NOT be happy that I posted this pic. Can you guess which one?

Behaving like a Black Dog, which was the soundtrack to this very moment.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINISH!, who arrived very much on time with an entourage of short, cute, bearded men.

APPLEBOTTOMS! I tried to talk to Josh Applebottom about the new and fantastic Trina track called Red Bottoms (which I played on my most recent radio show) but he hadn't heard it yet. Woop woop!

Me and my number one Tangerine, living in reflections from a dream.

We're gonna groove.

How much hotness can you pack into a single picture? Just ask roommates Luigi (left) and Andy (right), who have been the kind and gracious hosts to our Israeli pal Ram (second from right). Moteks x 4.

Mike (right, with Brett and Colin), still keeping a watchful eye on the south end of Eastern Bloc and the south end only.

Greg and friend, giving good chest.

The many shapes, colors and nationalities of Good Times beards, as presented by Bryan the Irish Ginger, Matteo the scraggly Italian and Tawfik, the closely cropped Palestinian. Love and peace!

Someone just whispered sweet nothings about next week's 420 Good Times in Andre's ear, even though every Wednesday is a 420 party for Shaquandré.

Jason (left) and Adrian, giving you their usual bearded handsomeness.

Dancing days are here again!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL SHIELDS! Will wore a special pair of shorts on the evening of his birthday (which coincides with Lina's. Her's was actually at midnight, his was all day Wednesday) for easier access to his world-renowned thighs, which received a special birthday thigh dance from yours truly.

See! Colin isn't always making gay austism faces in pictures. Sometimes he can look real handsome but only if he's fake fingering a willing participant at the party.

The return of Denise, which gets a big "booty's up" (which is like a thumbs up in Andre's world).

We've been missing Ryan S. (left) since he's taken a break from flaunting heels on Fire Island and throwing bashes at Norwood, though his multiple nightlife appearance of late make us think he's caught the spring fever as well.

Ryan D. (left) in a new thrupple for the evening and this time they're all clad in matching white tees.

It doesn't matter if you love him or capital H.I.M.

Steven (left) and Troy are the definition of love and peace and everything good in life and we were so delighted that they turned up for another night of Zeppelin, even if we didn't have any acid to offer them.

Scott, Lina and Big Scot, who once did the door at old school East Village club the World where Robert Plant showed up one night and was as cool as a cucumber, according to Scot.

Everybody's gurl Natasha Raye (aka Natashanista), sippin' on gin and juice with our favorite shutterbug Jeff.

Good Times! Bad Times! You know I've had my share.

Andrew (left) and David, dazed and confused at this suddenly late hour.

Michael T. and his technicolor haircut.

By the way, I'm DJing my first ever gig at Metropolitan Bar this coming Friday, 4/22. Michael P. (right) will be there giving you flat brims and dance moves if he knows what's good for him.

Shocked and awed at the arrival of our favorite German hubby, Dirk, who officially has the most amazing lower back ever.

That hour when Adam Ladosha arrives at a Led Zeppelin party and asks you to play the new Trina.

And before we go, one final happy birthday to our Cubano friend named Omar, who was also born on that lucky date of April 13th. I'm not big on astrology but I can tell you that babies born around April 13th/14th have got it going on.

Work, Ericka! We hear there are remixes coming out of our favorite Erickatoure Aviance track, I'm Grown and I Do What I Want, and frankly we cannot wait to hear them.

"Long heel, red bottoms. Long heel, red bottoms, step, step, step, step..."

ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME LINA! See you out on Fire Island. So far I'll be DJing High Tea on June 3rd and July 8th, in case you're wondering. Otherwise, see you next week at 420 Good Times.

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