Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Black History month! Or as Shaquandré so nicely put it, "That's right bitches, celebrate my heritage!" At last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, we kicked off an afrocentric month with a proper Ciara party, courtesy of yours truly and guest DJ Daryl Raymond.

Nothing says dirty daddy like a handlebar mustache, even if that dirty daddy happens to be a very young dirty daddy.

Our black history month Good Times poster child, Evans (right), getting into that very red drink in honor of the impending Valentine's Day.

Kelvin (right) was trying to do that old bum-in-your-face joke to Casey (left) but Casey was too busy spooking everyone with photographs he took of them in the early 2000s when we were all dancing on bars to the sounds of electroclash music at The Park.

Tim (center) and his frenchie Damien (right), making out in front of as many onlookers as possible. Happy Valentines Day you two! And yes, I was not-so-subliminally saying Happy Black History Month with that Cross Colours tshirt.

Brad (left) is giving executive shorty realness to the nines.

Cool dad! Yes, I know the Cool Dad party was a few weeks ago but we're still recruiting cool dads like this for Rich King's next daddy daycare Good Times soiree.

Next week's Black History celebration continues with an extra special Mariah Carey baby shower, dedicated to birthday boy and number one Mimi fanatic Ryan "MaRyan" McNally (left, with Mikey).

Cool dad on the right looks exactly like our friend George, who actually showed up later in the night to spook the George lookalike. Totally loving his androgynous bar friend too.

Ladies who love Cici.


Me and Big George and our matching kind-0f-Ginger beards.

This one was very opposed to posing for pictures even though he had all the elements of a cutie, aka plaid shirt and scruffy facial hair.

Hola senorita! Jorge's very first exploration of our weekly Wednesday night Good Times party and the results are looking successful.

Kevin C. tried telling me that this was raspy-voiced Cesar's brother in a Cesar-like voice, which is very hard to imitate, as Kevin and I tried to do so for like, five minutes.

Guest DJ Daryl Raymond! Daryl had begged me to guest at a Ciara night since he is pretty much a bigger Cici fan than Ludacris and his set did not disappoint.

These two must be from Portlandia, "where the tattoo ink never runs dry."

Michael (left) and friend who may or may not have been blowing a snot rocket as this photo was snapped.

Hizies. xo, Sparber and Mikey as Andrew drinks another extreme red cocktail in the background.

Mel (center, with Andrew and Mikey) debuted his prized bear mask look last Wednesday before losing his photo ID at the bar even though he "wasn't drunk." It was later recovered.

Coat check has been doubling as an Eastern Bloc back room thanks to the wonderful talents of the lovely Kevin F.

I changed the game, but Gary liked it Thug Style.

This one could be my teacher and I'll do homework, he can give me extra credit baby I'll do more work.

These two were both giving great looks but sadly refused to make love to the camera when requested.

The fame monsters!

Confession: every month is kind of black history month at Good Times. We like it that way.

Evans and a Brian Rafferty imposter.

The picture that officially denotes that everyone in the bar is drunk and things are about to get realllllllll messy up in here (cue: Gimmie Dat)

Kevvy is back from LA and in good spirits, though he had run out of some herbal necessities earlier that morning and was a frousy because of it.

Pucker up!

All secrets will be revealed when you rub the belly of the buddha.

The very sexy Tony N. aka Tony the Tiger but I don't exactly remember why he's also known as that. But we do love to see him out and about as much as possible.

El double fisto.

Giving us the requisite choreo to Ciara's Work before Kelvin popped out of the bathroom dressed as Missy Elliott for all the roll call bits.

Black Nipple History month, courtesy of Jairo.

And honestly, who doesn't love the way Shaqunadré riiiii-i-i-iiii-iiides it.

Marc is giving you a very 2008 Ryan McNally look (next week's birthday boy) in this photo.

Parker (right) has granted me full permission to take advantage of his Fire Island share this summer should I be out there the same time as him. Hide yo' kids and hide yo' wife is now sounding more like hide yo' vodka and hide yo' chocolate.

George and George lookalike! Or as I like to call them, ZZ Tops.

Kevin (right) has conveniently replaced his bestie, Black Eddie, with a Black Eddie lookalike just in time for Black History Month.

Strike a pose Jermaine!

Frankie and Davy, looking forward to their Valentine's Day wedding vows.

Seriously needs to be America's Next Drag Superstar.

Start your engines.

May the best woman, WIN! See you next week at Mariah Carey Baby Shower Good Times with me, MaRyan, Sean McMahill guest DJ set and live performance by KEISHA. xo

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