Friday, November 26, 2010


Who is this Papa Justify and where can we get more? Andrew "Pop" Wansel, who apparently goes by the name of Papa Justify (sometimes spelled Justifi) as well, is a young producer out of Philly who killed it not once, but twice on Nicki Minaj's latest effort, Pink Friday. He is credited with production for the Annie Lennox-sampling Your Love, for which they had to re-record the hook with a studio vocalist after the Annie Lennox version leaked, probs for legal reasons. His other outstanding contribution comes as a bonus track to the album called Muny, by far the most energetic, dance-oriented Nicki track of late.

So instead of posting Muny, I dug into Wansel's online back catalog and came across two more impressive tracks. No idea who Cota is nor Britney Mac for that matter (I could do without the vocals on Cota's track, to be honest - the instrumental here sounds great) but it looks like we have a rising production star in the making.

What the Girls Say - Cota
Under Me - Britney Mac

P.S. - Lil' Kim diss track for Nicki came out today. Sorta funny and sad all at once. Kim put on a sick live show earlier this year which did not take place on a national holiday like Nicki's NYC concert last night, which I had to miss. Can't we all just get along?

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