Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The Studs of San Francisco's The Stud, aka Kevin (dj down-E) and Mica, have been doing Some Thing, the name of their Friday night disco-infused experimental drag party, for half a year now. At last Wednesday's weekly Good Times party, the Frisco duo brought their long lashes and orchestral dance beats to Eastern Bloc for all to enjoy.

Before the party, my handsome boyfriend Mel (right, with non-boyfriends Roman and Will) and I zoomed up to see the Scissor Sisters live at Terminal 5, which made for an early start to an eventful evening.

DJ down-E!, showing off her bionic prowess and a gorgeous top handcrafted by the one and only Mr. David, the third partner in the Some Thing trifecta. We missed you Mister David!

I believe bearded dude on the left picked up bearded dude on the right by telling him he was house sitting in the East Village at a place that had a hot tub in the backyard. I was jealous.

Jarrod (left) and Jason, summoning you to next week's Madonna: Before the Surgery party. Early 80s Madonna looks are encouraged.

Kevin really impressed on the musical tip, including a genuine musical number from La Cage.

Mark (up top), pumping the hottest new look for fall/winter, THE BACKPACK! Yes. Everyone is wearing these to the clubs nowadays. Stuff it with whatever you'd like or nothing at all. Apparently backpacks are THEE must have item.

Mica (second from left) got all dolled up to play hostess in his goth Judy Tenuta look that was to die for. Sadly there was no performance this time around but we'll be sure to include one when Some Thing returns.

Don't you hate when you start clipping your beard and you quickly realize that you had it on the wrong setting or attachment and now you'll have a stripe so you have to trim short or shave off the whole damn thing?! So does Ryan (right).

Polter-guys (and girl).

Simon (left), giving you his best BADDA BING BADDA BOOM!

Mica was sandwiching folks left and right and living it up...until he wasn't. Apparently, partying early leads to crashing early aka passing out with your lashes and heels still on.

Well hello hello. What do we have here? A crisp tan and a fan? Me likey.


Beard rubbing fetish! Have you seen those youtube beard rubbing videos? This was just like that!

Sometimes the bartenders like to throw monkeywrenches at us, like when they allow twinks to audition as go-go dancers. This one did pretty well though, especially for dancing to Salsoul and Philly disco from like, 11pm - 359am.

Apparently the guy sitting next to the lap dance receiver did not do so well with the situation.

Kelvin was also a bit hyped up on the disco (among other things) as he forgot to take a whole bunch of pictures like everyone movin' and groovin' to the dance jams.

"Thank god nobody got hurt" dude is about to get it from that beer bottle.

I love how the moose is totally giving everyone in this photo the side eye.

Thank you Sammy Jo for the Scissor Sister DJ sets and for supporting Rebel Rebel, a local and amazing vinyl shop here in NYC.

Hear no evil and speak no evil, but I guess can still see lots and lots of evil at our Good Times party. Jewish New Years Rosh Hashana party on Sept. 8th and Banjee Good Times with me and Telfar and AB Soto from HelL.A. performing on Sept. 15th! Best month ever.

Oh, and ANA MATRONIC AND JUSTIN BOND SHOWED UP! And we kee kee-ed and danced and it was major. See you next week when Good Times does Madonna, Before the Surgery. xo

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