Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Guess who's DJing London again in October?! (answer: meeeee.) As a special surprise treat, my London hosts from the Dirtbox party out in East London flew in last week to DJ a very special Dirtbox Good Times, which we teamed with our popular poppers and poop theme courtesy of our jungle juicy hostess, Mikey L.

Rainblo (left) was a tad preoccupied with playing with his monkey. And Danny's nipple is almost playing peek-a-boob with us.

Thank GOD Darren (left) is back from his Israeli adventure. He even knows a few more hebrew phrases now too.

Harriet's boob totally cockblocked William's self-suck session early on in the night.

Ms. Mikey and her Jungle Juice PLUS: The Original Room Odorizer. That's what the bottle really says. And it sure odorized the room when someone spilled a bottle near the front door.

Guest babes from Britain Alex (left) and Michael, who managed to play a stellar set despite jetlag (they flew in three hours earlier), trauma (a dude died on their flight over) and being really really high on poppers.

Trent, Jason and Dirtbox-in-New-York groupie bear crew.

Mao (right) can finally breathe again now that fashion week is finally finito, although he's breathing chemical inhalations of "liquid incense" at the moments. That's what the Jungle Juice bottle says too. I kid you not.

Cracky poppers face!

I love the gentlemen who dress up for our weekly Wednesday party in ties and bowties and non-prescription glasses.

The Gayletter boys! Abi (left) and James tend to favor fashion parties over our, ummm, poppers and poop nights in their weekly mailer but they still showed up for some poppers and poop!

Adam, Matt and Ryan (from left), three wholesome American boys ready to cut loose to a Roisin Murphy Royal T remix.

Everyone is abuzz about next week's CHAKAHOLIC Good Time, with guest DJ Eugene Tambourine (left) who came up with the brilliant name for our soon-to-be brilliant Chaka Khan party.

Looks like my boyfriend had one too many YET AGAIN.

Valdez (left) loves to make a request "for old time's sake." And it looks like Ryan's beard (right) is gone till November.

Michael, going for the va-jay-jay at the center of his new anchor tattoo.

Bear tshirt = bear chaser.

Jean and John, boyfriends, party animals, popper queens.

Actually, it looks like Jean couldn't really handle his poppers that night.


Marlon (center) is also a Dirtbox groupie and needs to fly over with me for the week of October 20 - 26th, when I'll be DJing Dirtbox (Oct. 23 at Vogue Fabrics) and the George and Dragon (Oct. 22). Classy!

Even the hottest men on earth like Bryan Z. can party with poppers every now and again.

Frankie, terrorizing everyone and anyone.

Good Times indeed. See you next week folks!

Oh, and if you come from jockstrap night, be sure to bring me a present like this one that Richie R. picked up for me. Thanks Richie! I'll wear it next Wednesday. xo

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