Tuesday, September 07, 2010


To harness a DJ's talent, you need to speak to his inner passion. Which is why we went the early Madge route for our Madonna: Before the Surgery Good Times party last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc with guest DJ Shawn Lisle. Not only is Shawn an expert on all things Madonna but he also brought the best Madonna party props EVER!

Cone bras for everyone!

No, seriously guys. Where's the party? I want to free my soul.

Mic check, 1-2-1-2. Yes, he brought a fucking headset!

Okay, maybe Kelvin went a little overboard with the Gaultier-inspired cone bra but in his defense, fashion week is nearly upon us. Run for cover.

Gary (left) and Timmy (not pictured) both requested Can't Stop, a Madonna b-side from the Who's That Girl soundtrack. Timmy was kind enough to bring the track with him so Shawn could mix it into his all-Madonna set.

Cone-y girl(s).

Causing a commotion.

Okay, there's only so many cone bra comments I can make. It was nice to see Gerardo (center) back where he belongs: at Good Times. This one moved from NYC to Mexico City and back again and we missed him dearly.

I somehow squeeze Rain and I'm Going Bananas into my set, though the real kids that were going bananas were the die-hard Madonna attendees and all the out-of-towners who were like, nooooooooo! I really need to be there for this one!!!

Alan (left, with Daniel) magically turned the Madonna accessory into a Bjork accessory.

Did I mention that I played Dear Jesse?!?!

Get into Brett's pornstache and Madonna Justify My Love tshirt!

Gerardo was apparently getting into Paul, our tall and slender Brazilian friend who biked from Atlanta to Argentina. Yes, I still can't get over that.

NO SHE DIDN'T! She's totally waiting for you to justify her love by the bathrooms.

Shawn (left) really turned out the tunes, props and an Open Your Heart Madonna look. You know Nita (right) is singing his own acapella to Don't Cry For Me Argentina at this very moment.

Gary (far right), sporting a Madonna tee too. Finally a dress code people can get in to! For next week's Big Gay Jew Year Rosh Hashana party, I wanna see judaica galore. Tallis', tzitzit, the whole megillah.

An Act of Contrition.

Cresencio certainly had no idea what he was in for, as he usually sticks to Brooklyn straight bars and is more used to the dress-up-as-James-Murphy-from-LCD-Soundsystem game than this tomfoolery.

Bad girls, definitely drunk by 6.

Kiehls bear (right) and my two favorite baby bears!

Getting into a little Hanky Panky Mark? Nothing like a good spanky.

Clearly the Like a Prayer moment you were all waiting for.

Somebodies thing they're all like a virgin too, wearin' all white and shizz.

As much as it looks like these four got all baby oiled up for this here shot (straight out of the Erotica era, mind you), its actually reaaaaally reaaaaaally dark at Good Times and all the lighting is red so it really requires a bright flash to score these photos. And baby oil :)

Did I mention that Shawn also brought PRESS-ON MOLES?! Sadly, press-on moles and facial hair to mesh so well, as we learned. But it looks gorgeous on her, innit?

Me, striking a pose from the Madonna Sex book photos on my shirt. Vanilla Ice was nowhere to be found.


Flexible Liam, showing off the skills required to be one of those Madonna backup dancers like Jose and Luis.

Crazy for You meets Pretender.

There's only one caption for this one: DRUNK! (aka 3am and Michael T. showed up!)

Uh oh. Someone just dropped it low, meaning House of Ladosha may or may not have just shown up and I instantly went into a full-on Mike Jones/Three 6 Mafia set.

Late night contortionist.

Cunty Crawford LaDosha (left), explaining to you why they call her cunty.

Who me?

Yes, I had to get in on the cone bra action (with Scott, left) but only because it was going on all night long. More than you can imagine.

Me in the land of giants! This photo has not been altered! And I'm not really that short except when posing with men who are 6'5" - 6'8"! But rest assured, there will be plenty of hairy shorties at next week's jewish new year's Good Times. See you there!


shawnlisle said...

We fucking turned it bitch!

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love it!