Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jewish Halloween, aka Purim, is not only a time to dress up and let your inner queen Esther (or evil queen Vashti) out but also a day to devour as many hamantaschen cookies and chug as much Manischewitz as possible.

Spearheading this year's purim party committee was rageaholic Eric, who opted for an activist tshirt over a costume. I happened to see lots of Jewish rage at the final day of the Barney's warehouse sale, by the way.

Caliente Venezuelan Jew Danny (right), giving you modern day Queen Esther if she were asked to sing at the upcoming Hole concert (we are DY-ING). And Roberto is giving you, ummmm, muscle-y Madonna in a yarmulke?

Playing the classic Purim game of grab the grogger.

Holy handsomeness! I haven't seen this many cute, clean-shaven faces since my 1999 Bel Ami viewing days.

These chicas thought our purim party was fierce boots.

You can never go wrong with a ginger costume. Scary and enticing all at once.

Holy 'fro-ly! Between Kevin's jewban 'fro on the left and that hot head of hair on the right, there could have been a full-on Hair, The Musical singalong had Ericka removed her baseball cap.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN LANGBEIN (right)! My present to you is writing your full name in this here caption so when future lovers, employers and spawn google you, they will discover this here lovely pic with our inhouse Queen Esther.

And not to be outdone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON! (left, with Joe), whose birthday party at the Monster was a major success for takin' it back to the old school by old fool who's so cool.

Nate (center), getting ready to be lifted on a bar stool, Hava Nagila style.

Do I spy a Hezbollah resistance fighter costume on the left?

Yes to Mister McDreamy in the back of this quartet.

Without fail, our combo of Klezmer music, jew food and free alcohol brought out the masses. And next time, we are going to try reallllllly realllllllly hard to get shimmering yarmulkes for all.


Wesley (left), giving Brett a bit of mustache envy after shaving off his signature 'stache. At least he dressed up as Pizzazz from Jem with that truly outrageous green hair.

And so began the Manischewitz worship.

That's some major Gene Simmons lick-the-tip action going on here.

Marcus, fellating the Manischewitz.


Behold the most beautiful black jewess in all the land (besides Lina) and her incredibly talented makeup artists, who Keisha brought along to do touch ups after each and every air kiss.

Smiling because he knows the only thing crazier than our hairy gay jew parties will be next week's Three Year Good Times Anniversary.

Mikey to hamantaschen: You've been a baaaaad, bad hamantaschen.

Giving you suburban jew dad realness complete with a wide tie.

It's the Petrou Man (left)! But where oh where is the other Petrou Man?

We will most certainly be recruiting the jewfro on the left, Harris, for future jewbilees. And feel free to recruit him and his XL tongue for your own purposes, as we hear he is single and ready to mingle.

Purim parties are hi-larious! It's also hilarious that Andre's facebook is no more but Shaquanda's, his alter ego, is alive and kicking. You can't keep a good woman down!

Roberto (left) is already out on Long Island searching around for schmatas to wear to the next jew party, which will be Rosh Hashana in September unless you want to do a mock Bar Mitzvah for bartender Darren in May.

Open up and say Achhhh-ashverosh (the purim story king).

Newlyweds Chris (right) and Rocky were back in town after a shotgun Provincetown wedding. Yup. Rocky's pregnant.

Ryan (right), looking too cute with Jeffrey's panda balls in his mouth.

Kelvin didn't photograph all the mini and massive hamantaschen (raspberry, poppy, prune and apricot) that I brought to the party but they were pretty much gone by this point in the evening anyways.

Meningitis at work.

We are trying to woo Eric (right) out of his rent-stabilized East Village apartment so I can take over. Or else we'll be getting married in P-town too so he can add me to his lease. PS - Please send all amazing downtown apartment leads my way!

Ernie is Khia's new number one fan, thanks to Snatch the Cat Back, part of my late night ladies of crunk set. "I WISH I NEVER LET YOU HIT IT FROM THE BACK."

The children aka Steve and Xander rolled through for a late night delight, giving you hoops and fist-pumps.

Come join the Darren and Dirk fanclub, soon to be holding meetings in both New York and Berlin.

A late night case of ginger-vitis.

A couple that pees together, stays together. Happy travels back to the UK you two. Sad you will be missing next week's three year anniversary. It seems like yesterday we were welcoming Chris to the US with Britpop and bunking with Rocky at Provincetown's Burch House (R.I.P.).

See you next week!

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