Saturday, December 19, 2009


Downtown dance den Mr. Black has shut its doors once again. After a turbulent year in which the club moved from the space at Rebel (30th and 8th) to Room Service (21st and Park) to Blvd (Bowery and Spring), shedding Saturday night DJ Gant Johnson along the way, owner Stuart Black has announced that no new Manhattan venue will be happening in the foreseeable future.

On the brighter side, we hear that Mr. Black LA is doing quite well as a weekly Tuesday happening across the country. We also hear that straight Brooklyn hangout Monkeytown may be closing up shop and that Stuart has been eyeing it as an outpost for his Mr. Black Brooklyn venture, codename Mr. White. (Ed note: Monkeytown's last venue was also taken over as a gay Brooklyn dance club in the form of Sugarland.)

And as musical chairs for gay clubs continues, Formika will resurrect the F Word at...get ready for it...Club Rebel! The party starts January 1st and runs every Friday. Dancing shoes are on and fingers are crossed.

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