Tuesday, December 01, 2009


For Thanksgiving Eve last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc's Good Times, Telfar and I racked our brains for what we are most thankful for in the world. We concluded that we are truly blessed for the beauty and talent that is Ciara and other southern ladies of hip hop. Our crowd seemed to feel blessed too, or maybe that was just the Patron talking.

I am blessed to know such talented people as singer songwriter Cri (left) and slutty crossdresser Andre (right). They're both so good at what they do best.

I'm also thankful to see Jacob B. (center) out and about, since he hasn't shown face in nearly six months. Jacob is thankful 2009 is over an he is eagerly anticipating 2010 in all sorts of ways.

Thankful that Kevin G. (right) keeps showering me with free clothing! Hopefully there's more where that came from for me in 2010.

Our cutie coatcheck Tekshur was on vacay last Wednesday so I think he got his mom to substitute for him.

I am thankful for photos of men and women nosediving into ladies bosom, as it never gets old. Also loving this chick's dreads and a flourescent Scott H. cruising the entrance and exit.

Taking the new Twilight film a little too seriously, aren't we?

Dudes gave Ciara night a thumbs up across the board, especially when I played anything and everything off the Evolution, the most underrated album ever.

Thankful that we have such a hot clientele here at Good Times each and every week!

The bathroom line boys, contemplating my electro remixes of Get Up and OH, the best song on earth.

Giving you Ciara's Thug Style realness.

Thankful for the amazing tweets of supocupo Paul C. (left) and the dandy pose Dennis (right) is giving in this shot.

Calm it down people! If you're looking for his goodies keep on looking cuz they stay in a jar.

Bartender Gabe (left) worked extra hard to please the customers in all kinds of ways as his bartending counterpart, Darren, was out of town. Darren is back next week though for our DANCETERIA THROWBACK party with new wave trackmaster Bill Coleman!

Ryan and Alex were gagging over all the Ciara AND the Esther Dean, Rasheeda and Khia. We sort of feel like every night should be ladies of southern hip hop night.

Will (right) really loves when sissy boy licks his face like in this here pic. Do it now, lick it good.

Jason (left) and friend were pumped once Telfar arrived to DJ since no one can turn it into a southern lady crunkfest like Telfar. Little did they know about the special surprise performance I had in store.

Strike a pose, Marques.

Chris (left) and his Panamanian Jew hubby Michael (right), reunited after a Chris' first semester in the south, where there aren't so many Jewish South Americans.

Everyone was throwing gay-TL signs, which is when you're not from the ATL like Ciara (aka Atlanta) but you're gay and still wanna be down.

Will is just a rabbit in your headlights.

Did I mention that the bar was packed. Thanksgiving Eve is the second busiest party night of the year after New Years and it showed. But if music made them lose control (as Missy and Ciara once said), then they weren't ready for the jelly that is...

JIGGLY CALIENTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jiggly performed Ciara'a instant classic, Work.

Drop Down! Everybody in a club, Drop Down! Jiggle that, jiggle that!!

Special video snippet of Jiggly's performance. She didn't win the Miss Universo Latino USA 2009 for nothing! (click on that link if you want to die gagging.)

Work work, you better work Jiggly!

Your DJs for the evening, Telfar and myself, thorougly turned out by Jiggly's first number. But wait cuz there's more.

We are always thankful when anyone of these persuasions (muscle-y and latino) walks through the door.

If Tai and Steve were true Sparber fans, they would board the plane to London with me this Thursday at 8am, as I'm DJing Dalston Superstore on Friday and Dirtbox at Vogue Fabrics on Saturday.

Evans says fear not, as Sparber will be back in time for next Wednesday's Good Times with Jon Jon Fields playing angry lady rock and a PJ Harvey performance or two by Erickatoure Aviance.

Jiggly's second number to a Beyonce Videophone/Diva mix started off all prim and proper...

...until it wasn't.


Get that paper gurl. Jiggly promised to come back if we do a Beyonce night so obviously we'll be doing a Beyonce party ASAP. Stay tuned.

Daywear realness. Gabe knew Jiggly from back in the day when he worked at Barracudda and Jiggly won Star Search so many times consecutively (like, six) that she had to stop competing.

Needless to say, the Ciara party pretty much turned into Freaknik '09. Thank you to Telfar and Jiggly and everyone who came out. I am thankful for you all.

Gay-TL reprazent! See you next week!

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