Wednesday, December 09, 2009


If I can hardly remember last Wednesday, then it's beyond me how veteran New York City DJ Bill Coleman mustered up the memory to take us on a new wave trip back to the days of Danceteria at last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc. But Bill came through with Tones on Tail and plenty 'o other tricks.

Hugging it out early in the evening while I was still easing my way into New Wave with a Synth Brittania-inspired Human League set.

Kevin (right) and Steven keep feeling fascination.

Shawn (right) and friends were hoping for a darker new wave set from me, as I'm sure they came from seeing New Moon for the 24th time before partying with us.

Asking one another, "are friends electric?"

If this were London, I'd totally pinpoint these two as Spaniards since Spaniards always seem exude such sexiness in a crowd of Brits. It's all in the eyebrows.

Dear patrons with black leather jackets such as a drunk Douggie on the right: please make use of the coat check, as everyone who asks to leave a jacket in the DJ booth seems to have a penchant for black leather.

He's got the Coogi sweater but where's the bubble Fubu?

Diego (center), giving you off-the-shoulder Jennifer Beals flashdance realness! With his number one maniac Charlie (right) and a sleepy Mister Murphy.

Toilet talk with Evans (left) and Mikey.

Purring for the camera. Speaking of which, can someone please bring Jocelyn Wildenstein to Good Times?! We can even do an Eartha Kitt aka Catwoman night in her honor!

Charles' obsession with Detective Latoya Jackson (whom he dressed as for Halloween) just won't die until Michael Jackson's true killer is revealed. Viva LaToya!

The things we do for free drinks.

Or maybe I was just playing Siedah Garrett's K.I.S.S.I.N.G. at this point.

Kele was flying solo for the week in New York and is even contemplating a possible move here.

Eddie (left) and Kevin, showing off one of the many decorations that are in constant rotation at our lovely Eastern Bloc establishment. Did you know that a UK promoter may be renaming a London club Eastern Bloc? What's that about?

Boogie men.

Beefcake couple Brian (left) and Peter (center) make me want to douse myself in protein powder while singing Olivia Newton-John's Physical, which I bet they played at Danceteria (I was one when it came out, thank you).

Scissoring the pole. SCISSORS!

How can a man go wrong with a black vinyl shrug? He can't.

The old caress-his-tummy-with-your-knee trick.

Richie (left) is readying himself for next week's Bad Girls & Angry Girls party with guest DJ John John Fields and a PJ Harvey performance by Erickatoure Aviance! Pretty much Richie's reasonf or living. And loving the angry girl on the right here too.

I can't really remember Bill Coleman's set but I do think he threw on some Nu Shooz at one point, as well as a bit of Blondie, which made me smile as well.

Maverick (right), giving you the irony of a winter scarf and a summer tank top just to throw you off for a quick second before he tries to make out with you.

I loved running into Xander (pictured here) two weeks ago at Kenny Scharf's day-glo Cosmic Cavern party (a must!) and reminding him to wear his banana hammock neon Borat bathing suit to the next black light get together.


Fade to (a few different shades of) gray.

Eastern Bloc's furry taxidermy lends itself to accessories such as the squirrels wrapped around his neck on the left.

Mister Murphy, back up and ready for seconds with number one Cheesecake Factory employee Marc.

Kelvin and his buxom buddies as he reaches out into the darkness of another Wednesday night at Good Times.

Did I not say it was a sloppy night all around?

And then this happened.

John (left), Charlie and one of the dudes who used to be in the Hives.

Bill ain't too shy to take his dance party to the dancefloor himself! If only we were like London where everyone will dance to anything, even if you play straight up Enya.

Gant (left) and Mark, doing their best Rihannas as "pay-puh chay-suhs."

Best outfit of the evening, hands down. So much so that dude on the left couldn't close his jaw.

DJ Adam (left) and Odyssey Magazine's Mike, thinking about their favorite Kate Bush songs for next week because John John is a Kate Bush die-hard.

The original Danceteria crew. If these walls could talk, and by walls, I mean private parts.

Can you tell that I had to get on a flight two hours after this. Please don't offer the DJ shots when he has an international flight to hop. Flights and shots shouldn't mix.

Congratulations to Rich King (in the center of the cuddle puddle above) on the SEVEN YEAR anniversary of his own little bear kingdom also known as the Snaxx party, which he and Gustavo are doing this Friday at Club Rebel.

Last call ladies! Time to hug it out outside Shaquanda (right) and Cunty Crawford Ladosha (the tall one)! See you next week.

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