Wednesday, November 04, 2009


We sang pagan love songs and formed a daisy chain for satan at last week's pre-Halloween goth and glam Good Times at Eastern Bloc (Wednesdays!) with special guest straight from the underworld, Michael T.

Dress code was glam superstar or lunchbox-toting back-in-black goth realness. Obviously Keisha (left) and Eddie went for the latter.

Jason (in the back) has been threatening to lure the cuteness that is Ross (right) away from New York City and over to Los Angeles. Later in the night, we used some Wicca to fix that situation.

WE SAID NO SMILES ON GOTH NIGHT! In fact, we should have renamed the party Miserable Times just to get the point across.

Black pants on one and a black tee on the other, though I'm sure they would have worn the same outfits if we had done a Linda Ronstadt party.

Smoke 'em while you got 'em, Casey, cuz clove cigarettes are now officially ILLEGAL in the U.S. of A!

Lulu (right) and one of his "petit et mignon" french friends (center).

Chase (second from left) totally brought it trenchcoat mafira.

Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador (from right), also known as Gerardo, Juan Diego and the one and only Mike V.

Le cuddle puddle.

Tastes like candy corn.

OH YES THEY DID! She also told me to play all nine minutes and 32 seconds of Bauhaus' Bela Lugosi's Dead or she'd rip my heart out and eat it for breakfast. I played it twice.

Your barstaff for the evening. Sammy's fishnet top and eyeliner are pretty much manna from goth heaven (aka hell) and Gabe's wolf contacts and skeletor shirt kind of make me wanna cry.

Jardy (left) and Fernando and quickly turning into my newest Good Times favorites and its not just because they donned black lipstick, a fake mustache and a top hat. Actually, yes it is.

Celebrity coat checker Gant Johnson!, giving bunny ears to celebrity singer Nashom (of the Ones) and celebrity regular Evans (left). And Andre is trying to show off his celebrity booty just in case you missed it the first 3,412 times.

Our fog machine was in full effect, osscuring Steve's view from the entrance and giving our party that authentic goth feel.

Kelvin, popping a squat and seemingly peeing the night away in front of the OG (ORIGINAL GOTH), doorman Scot.

The mother and son of fesitivities, Michael T. and me, giving you Dracula and the trenchcoat son of Dracula. Sidenote - a patron complimented Michael on his fangs!

Now is as good a time as any to tell you that the next Good Times is LED ZEPPELIN GOOD TIMES with the biggest Zep head ever, Lina. Party. Of. The. Year.

Vampires, looking for blood or other bodily fluids.

Sammy's tattered goth-y emo look, which he really only abandoned a few years ago in order to get laid.

Blonde vampires!

Little people vampires!

Stephanie Stone (second from left, as her alter ego Charles) will be hosting our November 11 Blonde Ambition Good Times, which is the OFFICIAL after party for Harriet Halloway's Hysterical Blondess stand-up show at the Gotham Comedy Club. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Alon (pictured), DJ Will and I spun the most fantastic Halloween party (aka Planet Zizmor presents Invasion) at the Hose on Saturday. In fact, it was so fantastic that the Hose is now closed down permanent. Actually, they lost their lease but at least we helped them go out with a bang. Photos at

Foxy is right! Fox fur ain't no joke.

A diva on the phone with one of her numerous fans.

To the tune of the Cure's Lovesong.

Grab my shaft, pull my cord.

The flat-brimmed crew, in full on flat-brim effect.

Surprise appearance by none other than Ms. Courtney Summers (right), who came from a Monster Beauty Pageant where she won first prize. Get it Courtney!

John the Vampire (right) is really his birthday name and not some Halloween moniker. Sing it back, JTV.

David (right) gave Omer a heartfelt farewell as Omer partied away his last night in New York before returning to Isreal the following day to reconnect with other jews with jewfros.

Suspect that Nine Inch Nails might not be considered goth. Oh but they are.

Will (right, with nic), non-anonymously repping AA.

Courtney gave a special surprise 3am performance of the scariest song EVER...Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus! So spooktacular.

The Kiki Twins, keekeeing it up with another late night reveler.

The Michael T. Jaeger party has begun.

Take me home tonight, I don't wanna let you go till you see the light.

And to think that this was three days BEFORE Halloween. Absolutely fabulous.

Denim tuxedo alert!

Michael T.'s friends are like none other.

Be warned: Me + Lina + Led Zeppelin + Jarrod Glaze's birthday and DJ Adam's birthday = total insanity.

See you next week!

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