Sunday, November 29, 2009


New Jersey-based DJ James Moyer, also known as DJ Jimmy (not to be confused with my co-DJ Jimmy Im), has seemingly vanished, according to the New York Post. Jimmy was last seen two months ago when he left work after a gig at Chelsea's Splash Bar on September 27.

According to the Post, he:

1) May or may not have been spotted early in the morning on October 3 at Rawhide (who remembers anything that happens in there?)

2) Left his apartment and recording studio spotless, with food in the fridge and his car parked out front.

3) **had taken out more than $100,000 in cash advances on his credit cards and asked a relative for several large loans.**

Hmmmmm. Sounds like a drug habit, internet hookup or crazy Splash tourist may have gotten the best of him. Our heart goes out to DJ Jimmy's family and friends and we hope more clues turn up soon.

PS - What ever happened with Dean Johnson's death inquiry?! Totally spooked by the curse of the NYC gay nightlife murder mystery.

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