Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Though every week is a fag bash at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, this past Wednesday was a Fagbash with a capital F, as Provincetown's HBIC (head bear in charge) Mark Louque brought his italo and electro summer sounds to autumn in the East Village.

Nothing kicks off a series of handsome photos like these two bearded dudes, some salt and pepper, and Casey lurking in the background (on the right).

Charles (left, aka the robot, with Ryan and Evans) has been working retail everyday for something like 20 days straight now and somehow finds the time to go out at night as either himself and his alter ego, Stephanie Stone. A bionic woman indeed!

Glimpses into Raul's neck tattoo (left) get me hot and bothered every time.

It just wouldn't be a P-Town inspired party if Mona Mour didn't show. Mona has taken the Cape by storm and now has her sights set on NYC. Her friend, meanwhile, has his sights set elsewhere, as you can see.

Charlie (left) and Tom, giving your eyes a Thanksgiving feast of polka dotted purple and plaid. And speaking of Thanksgiving, Telfar and I are giving thanks for Ciara and other ladies of southern hip hop at next week's Good Times, with a special Ciara performance by JIGGLY CALIENTE!

One person blinking in a photo is awkward but two is actually a look.

Lovebirds Andrew (left) and Valdez are surely racing to their emails and asking me to delete photo ASAP. Who will beat who to the punch?! And will I actually remove it???

Bill, Jamie and friend (from right) may or may not have been partying at the bar for a birthday that started during happy hour, which would explain the tipsiness of the friend up front. It'd also explain the pizza that was being served near coat check .

For those of you not familiar with Provincetown, its a quaint gay beach getaway for New Englanders and New Yorkers who aren't down with Fire Island. David Davis (center, with Wesley and Ryan) is most certainly down with Fire Island.

Sheerly entertaining.

Ear shots are the flu shots, which were the new belly button shots back in the Slide Bar days.

Mischevious smiles amongst a mad rush toward the bar for our 11 - 1130pm free vodka special.

Good Times photographer Kelvin SWORE that this was Megan Fox though upon further investigation Megan Fox has blue eyes and doesn't hang out at Good Times.

Buddy (right) and an Abercrombie buddy, because only straight dudes wear Abercrombie yo.


I swear to you, that ginormous bag of Harriet's can fit ANYTHING! Wigs, pizza boxes, cases of liquor. You name it, it's in there.

Tai, Kevin and Scott (from left), who we hear is quite thrifty with creating cock rings out of condoms. Ask for a demo!

Stevie W., always serving it up hot and fresh. (It's no Spritius though. Frowny face.)

Mao (left), snatching up each and every gentleman in a black leather coat for an undisclosed fashion PR project he is working on.

Quivering in anticipation of what's to come in a DJ Will-Jordan sandwich. Background effects provided by Mikey L. and Mao.

And speaking of Mikey L., here he is with Evans, two of the 10,000 screaming fag-gots that came out to see Mark Louque turn it out Provincetown style.

Praying to sweet jesus. We are so changing this graffiti for our annual Hannukah party on December 16.

Plain and simple and simply irresistable.

Eddie (left), kissing up on a white dude in a Burton hat. At least it's not Abercrombie!

Mr. HX himself Doug Repetti (left, with Tai) notoriously skipped out on the HX awards this summer while he was "at the beach and getting head" in Provincetown. And then the magazine folded! Thanks alot Doug!

Tips for coatchecker Tekshur: 1) If its a video iphone in the pocket, give it to me, 2) if its in a ziploc, give it to Kelvin.

Andre and Wesley are both too distracted to look at the camera because they're both daydreaming about Twilight New Moon, which opened on Friday.

Provincetown's finest, DJ Mark Louque! Mark spun a really really really really fantastic set and we're happy to have him back at Good Times ASAP. He's also happy to come back ASAP as he has no work till summer 2010. See you soon Mark!

This week, somebody asked me if Alon was a porn star.

ROXY COTTONTAIL SIGHTING! Roxy is the queen of straight NYC party promoting and has left a dent in the gay world too by singing on tracks by Larry Tee and my number one crush of all time, Armand Van Helden.

Fagbashers. No harm was meant in naming the party, which is actually the name of Mark's P-Town party and just happened to coincide with the horrible gay bashing that occurred in Puerto Rico earlier in the week. PS - I'm headed to Puerto Rico for nine days in January. Suggestions?

I'm also headed to London right after our December 3 Danceteria Throwback Good Times with Bill Coleman to DJ Dalston Superstore (Friday, Dec. 4) and Dirtbox (Saturday, Dec. 5). Where my london mates at?!

Because I failed to mention it last week, I OFFICIALLY LOVE JEFF EASON (left)! He takes the best photos, has the best gossip and isn't scared to cut a bitch.

And thus begins the 3am look book.

Ashton, not the look at 3am (but then again, he's seated next to a ginge.)

Another Provincetown celebrity (and a ginger!) Ryan Smith (right), slightly overshadowed by the nappy chest hair in the foreground.

The ever-adorable Ahmed (left) was the toast of P-Town this summer as a server at some fancy brunch place. Nowadays he can be found behind the not-so-fancy bar at Urge, which serves cheese plates (?!) during happy hour.

Israeli porn star Alon (left), with a frazzled bar patron who just can't wait for next week's Ciara party with me and Telfar.

Parker (right) and friend, who is giving you the look!

Bad romance.

Another cross colours evening, provided by yours truly.

See you next week, hookers. (You know Harriet left the box but snuck all the slices into her purse after all!)

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