Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend, we learned that:

1) The Big Banana, Josh Wood and Jonny McGovern's renegade party at the former Knitting Factory space, has cut short its 12-week run.

2) In related news, Duane (below) was punched in the face at the final Big Banana, losing half a tooth and sustaining some bruises, all for telling a go-go fondler to tip!

3) HK Lounge bumped my DJ set and allegedly refused to give the promoters my DJ money. Hoping to get paid, though not hoping to ever go back to HK.

4) Mr. Black was shuttered earlier than usual Friday night when cops showed up at 345am and told staffers to kill the music, turn up the lights and clear out the club. An alleged brawl broke out out front, with Roze getting bit (!) among other disturbances.

5) Planet Zizmor at the Hose was a huge success! Yay for space disco. And we're doing Bobby "O" night this Wednesday at Good Times and Love Hangover this Sunday. Get ready to dance.

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