Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Since I've been gone (with bartender Darren, no less), the Good Times kept on rolling last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc. I can only imagine what DJ Jimmy played in my absence (cue: We Didn't Start the Fire...)

WHAT!?!??! I'm gone ONE WEEK and Ladyfag (right, with bartender Gabe) decides to drop in on the party?!! NO MORE AB FAB MONDAYS FOR US! (though we're both working at Hotel Gansevoort this Sunday - I'm doing disco brunch, 12 - 6!)

We Didn't Start the Fire always brings out the best of the redheaded set, including this sizzling ginger on the left.

Makario (left) and his mates, who might have proceeded to twist the night away if Jimmy played his Chubby Checker set.

Oh Lady, how I love thee. I was showing my friends in Berlin pictures of your notorious armpits so its only fitting that your green-shirted friend here is dripping from head to pit to toe in your presence.

Betting that they have a summer share in Fire Island's Pines, where I'm DJing an underwear party this Friday at midnight.

Evans (left) and an easy squeezy friend.

It wouldn't be a Wednesday night party without one of these (and I'm not talking about the scenic-print backpack).

A vampiress, sucking oh so sweetly on his cheek in eager anticipation of the upcoming True Blood series.

Lady is totally saying "fuck you Josh for not being at your own party."

Master of ceremonies Jimmy (left), showing off his tan from one of 10 Caribbean islands he visited in May.

Andrew (right) and Valdez (center) have yet to set a date for their nuptials, but I'm hoping its on Gay Pride 2010 and that they get married on a float.

Ya' lookin' good shawty, good shawty, good (on the right).


Reavis (left) bequeathed an amazing set of tshirts to me because he is going through a black phase. Literally.

Gary (left) goes gaga (can I even say that anymore given the popularity of Ms. Gaga?) whenever anyone plays Luscious Jackson.

Our big, cuddly teddybear doorman known simply as Scot.

Our big, cuddly hunk of a patron known simply as AJ (right).

I almost didn't recognize the go-go dancer formerly known as totat top Tony (right) now that he has lezzied out with the once not-so-reclusive Jared (left).

That time of the night when we all line up to take turns on the stripper pole.

I assure you that they were NOT filming America's Next Top Model at last week's Good Times despite the looks of this pic.

Devin (left) has requested a sequel to the very successful wigs and wieners Good Times, which I'm thinking will be the perfect way to celebrate July 4th (or 8th, as the date falls) at Eastern Bloc. And Devin is hosting, meaning it is a wigs and wieners and slutty tank tops party.

New trick, Kyle?

A few too many Jaeger bombs.

TREND ALERT: Josh (right, with George and friend) promises that fake frames will be all the rage by august. Knock your lens out now people.

By the end of the evening, it appears a youthful cutie found his way into the DJ booth, as this was the last picture on the role. Job well done, Jimmy.


See you next week at Guilty Pleasures Good Times, starring Billy Ocean!

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