Monday, June 01, 2009


Where did we leave off? Oh yes - Good Times, Joan Jett/Runaways night, awaiting our ever-elusive guest DJ Michael T.

These two were wishing I played more Runaways than Joan Jett, but I was really leaving that up to Michael. Plus, I only recently awakened to the amazingness that was the Runaways (and Suzy Quatro!)

Marlon (right) as Rodin's Thinker, thinking about who he'll be boinking tonight.

Two perfectly coiffed beards delivering an earful.

Just around the corner from the light of day, which, by the way, starts somewhere between 3 and 4am here in Berlin, where I've been breaking the dawn like Michelle Williams.

Kyle (left) and his newly gay bf, who puts Adrian Brody to shame.

By 1 or so, the club was jam packed and I was probably ready to play the latest Yeah Yeah Yeah's album from start to finish.

Buddy (left) and Evans, who shockingly kept his eyes open on this photo.

Mister Double Fister.

Put your hands up for New York, our lovely ci-tay.

Sniffing around to see what Thai dish was digested earlier this evening.

Dearest girls and gay guys, Please refrain from any more Britney, Beyonce, Gaga, Madonna requests. I can't.

JR (left) just completed the first year of his playwriting masters, where I'm sure they played many a theatre games where they called out directives like, "be a model!" and "claw at the camera!"

Good Times' answer to Tila Tequila.

Arrash, ready to put another dime in my jukebox baby.

David, Jason and crew (from left) taking a quick outdoor breather before things get sloppier inside.

Oh wait. Things just got sloppier inside.

"When can we get another wigs and wieners party up in here?" Soon, my son. Very very soon.

Antonio (right) and Idan, in their most patriotic garments, given that Antonio is Portuguese and Idan is Israeli. USA #1! Florida here we come!

Kelvin (right), with maybe the most awkward hand placement I've ever seen. Weren't you aiming a little more to the right Kelvy?

Four thumbs up for the new Peaches album!

Cameron (left) and a cat on a hot tin roof.

Tickle torture time, followed by peanut butter jelly time.


There was a lot more of this but it didn't make it onto the camera or the photo album. You'll just have to come by Eastern Bloc on a Wednesday and see it for yourself.

It always starts out all innocent...

...and quickly turns into this. Wait. Where did his hat suddenly disappear to?

DJ extraordinaire Michael T.! (right), demonstrating his non-DJ talents to bartender Gabriel.

Judah, spontaneously orgasming to Michael T.'s spotaneous oldies set. Tutti fruity!

I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump 'n' grind.

Wyatt (left), still here at 4am seducing the teenagers.

Thanks again to Michael T. for a rad rock 'n' roll party. He played more Runaways influences than actual Runaways tracks but turned us all out and then some. He'll be back mid-July and I can't wait. xo.

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