Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A 2-in-1 post! Last week, I was invited out to San Fran to DJ at Booty Call, a rockin' party that goes off in the Castro on Wednesdays cuz only the best parties happen on Wednesday. My good friend and stellar host Roberto snapped some pics while DJ Michael Magnan held it down at Good Times, NYC at Eastern Bloc in my absence.

Kids on the west coast love to dance! Like, every party I went to, there would be four or 40 people when I walked in. This was pretty much the scene at Booty Call the entire night.

California go-go's, now accesorizing with trendy hankerchief leg ascots.

Proving the more sunlight on the west coast really will turn your eyes shocking blue.

The cuteness, shaking a fist to the upbeat house jams I pretty much played for the duration of my set.

Hi Matty (right)! Matty (with Jeremy) came out on short notice to support me in his home city of San Francisco, where he moved to become a fancy internet entrepreneur.

Hippy necklaces and tie-dye insired get-ups were abound.

Stanley (left) and I used to chat day and night on AOL back in the 90s. Now he DJs a happening Tuesday party called Chili Dog which was way fun and left me hunting for hot dogs when the bar closed at 2.

Yes please.

Ryan lived in New York one summer but now rules the streets of San Fran and majorly cut a rug to the tunes I was playing. I think everyone left in sweat when the bar finally shut down.

Cuteness, also known as Will Shields lookalike on the right.

Oh, San Fran also has lots of ladies who get down at the gay clubs, seemingly with a more ease than at the gay bars of New York City.

I love you Kevin Hoskins, and I love your overalls and leopard scarf and green denim. I also loved your Monday party (Tiara Sensation!) at the Stud. The only thing I don't love is that you don't live in New York anymore.

Gays will be gays, west coast and east coast.

Evoking a young Formika look.

One of the handsome San Fran fixtures that makes me wish I visited this lovely city more often.

And of course, my most gracious host, Roberto, who pretty much outpartied me the four nights in a row that we went out. AND he works a day job. Thanks for hosting me Roberto.

And thank you x 10,000 to the incredible Juanita More (left, with day-glo Steven; the theme was day-glo, hence the day-glo photo booth), who booked me, wined me, dined me and turned me out with her DJ set. Can't WAIT to do it. (More day-glo photo booth shots HERE.)

Meanwhile, back in New York, Good Times turned black and white. How oh how did Gary (right, with Murphy) manage to score some drink tickets?

Buddy (right) is done with Wednesdays at the Cock, which means he'll have more time to booze with us and pose with random nip slips like the one shown here.

I think Kelvin missed the memo that I was partying in LA because he kind of called me every day to see where I'd be partying that night. Sadly, he didn't make it to Shits n Giggles or Mustache Mondays, which was the best party evz!

Manical laughter and Linda Hamilton arms.

Sad that I missed this beauty at my party but hoping she comes back next week when I dare to do a Human League party.

Darren, thinking about his disco set for this weekend's Love Hangover, where he'll be filling in for Gant and playing lots of Sylvester with me at the Eastern Bloc, 10 - 4. MINT JULEP SPECIAL!

I'm guessing this is late in the evening, since none of them seem to be able to find the camera with their eyes.

Murphy (left) and friend, humpin' around a la Bobby Brown.

Gays will be gays, east coast and west coast.

Bearded boys do it better in black and white.

Oh HELLZ to the no. Daniel Nardico (left) and Sammy Jo (center) did NOT show up to my party on a night that I wasn't there. DAMMIT! Daniel and I are teaming for another Trash at Spalsh party (May 1st, theme: RELIGIOUS TRASH) so maybe Sammy will stop by that one.

Poseurs. As in, they're posing.

Murphy (right) and Trina, pretty much my favorite person-that-I-don't-know-but-comes-to-my-parties right now. And it doesn't hurt that she shares a name with the greatest rapstress ever born either.


This is how we runway on weeknights, folks. And speaking of runway, let me just tell you that DJ Nita turned. it. out. in Los Angeles.

Put your hands up for New York, our lovely city.

Thank you Michael Magnan (left, with Johnny), the best substitute DJ a friend can have. I'm hosting Michael's Saturday night Mr. Black party this coming weekend, where he's in the main room turning it. Click HERE to download his set last week and show him some blog love. xo.


Ken said...

omg i love these photos of nathan putting this hands up and wearing some black fur madness.

also your photos made me miss cali. where the boys still dance and have fun every night.

Lucky Pierre said...

Fun post and fab pics, as usual. Howev, and I know I'll get shit for this, San Fran? Please noooooooooo. Even Frisco sounds better to our fog-muffled ears.