Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Brooklyn's best-known gay export, Mikey F., celebrated the dual occasion of his 26th birthday and his impending departure for Thailand at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week. Since Mikey loves him some freestyle, we cranked up the Giggles and begged Mikey not to come back from Bangkok with some weird Thai sex reassignment surgery.

Kicking the evening off with a little Expose always gets 'em in the mood before they hit the (freestyle) point of no return.

Someone was trying to define "bear" for me this week and brought up Paolo (left), who somehow doesn't strike me as a bear. Cub, maybe?

Mike (left) and his hot Brazilian friend. You can tell he's Brazilian because a) he's hot and b) he's wearing Aeropostale (!), which I thought went out of business in like, 1987.

Kendra (left) started partying early as well and lucked out by meeting a handsome German import named Markus (right).

Tall Aryan DJ twins Jon Jon Battles (left) and Corey Tut swung by to celebrate Jon Jon's birthday as well. Jon Jon LOVES freestyle and Stevie V.'s Dirty Cash, which I don't really consider freestyle but played anyway just for him.

Bartender Gabe (right), working his best Judy Torres by telling customers to come into his arms.


There is no way in hell that Armando (right) and Robbie were going to miss another freestyle party cuz these boys like to party their bodies. I need to start a fan page for Armando on facebook.

Andre, Peter, Jeff and Harriet (from left), showing Mikey and Jon Jon some one way love.

A handsome trio with iron-on tees.

This picture pretty much sums up Jon Jon's night for me. I'm not sure where the evening took him but hopefully he woke up in a comfortable place rather than a puddle of puke.

SAVE MIKE D. (right)! His apartment on the LES got burglarized last week and we need to start raising funds to help him replace his dildo collection that has gone missing. And his laptop.

Miss Anddy, striking an outdoor posing on a breezy spring Wednesday night.

Catch me, I'm falling! Falling in love...with those glasses.

Speaking of glasses, here's a duo who looks nothing alike but I'd probably mistake one for the other after two more vodka sodas, since in Eastern Bloc land, that means vodka with a hint of soda.

Nothing says lesbian like a big skeleton key necklace.

Worshiping magic boobies.

Demetre (left) and Mao, lost in emotion.

Say heyyyyyy for next week's Good Times two-year anniversary par-tayyyyyy! We're expecting Miss Fire Island herself Stephanie Stone, as well as Merna Boots (aka Kelvin!), Shaquanda Coca Mulatta and a performance by Mona Mour. DONT MISS IT!

The piercing blue eyes of Peter G. (left), as contrasted by his big black friend whose name I don't know.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY (second from left)!!! Mikey pretty much just wanted to hear Giggles' Love Letter on repeat but I gave him a little What Goes Around Comes Around as well.

San Francisco tshirt spotting, which he probably wore in anticipation of my Wednesday gig at Juanita More's Booty Call party next week! Fear not - the boys of Slurp! aka Michael and Telfar will be holding down the Good Times fort till I return in two weeks.

Murphy (right) called me a turd burger. And I liked it.

Jenna (right), clawing at Marlon now that he's single again, back on the prowl, I thought it was perfect, I don't know how.

Matt (left, with Barrett) is a total real estate genius who helped get me a cheaper lease than last year, though if anyone knows of a rent-stabilized place opening up in the East Village or LES, let me know ASAP.

Counterclockwise, from bottom left: I love you Mark. I love you Steve. I love you Eddie. I love you Kevin. I love you Michael. I love you Mikey. And most of all, I love you James (for your Courtney Love impressions and obsessions).

Photographer Kelvin (left) made nice with my kindergarten-best-friend-turned-furniture-design-bear Albert, with whom he had a throw down a few weeks before.

Wyatt (left), bringing me back to my days as a New Years Eve DJ at the now defunct Meow Mix.

Where does Michael (left) find these boys?! And where does one find lips like that? Thailand?

Who knew Phoenix barman Larry (left) was such a freestyle freak! Temptation IS a part of life Larry. It doesn't matter if its wrong or right.

Dreamboy, vampirically filling his heart with joy from his dreamgirl.

Day or night? YO NO SE!

Nothing says freestyle party like Jenna's ass. Maybe it is time to transition out of freestyle.

I love me a velvet tuxedo top.

Yup, I definitely segued out of freestyle at this point (3am) and into something a little more deee-groovey.

Hooded hoochie mamas Scott (left) and Garrett.

Who is the Darren Kinoshita impersonator second from the right?!?!

TRUE STORY: This photo was taken at 2:15am. This was still going on when I called last call for drinks at 345am. Then I got pizza, headed home past the bar and these two were STILL at it on the sidewalk at 430am.

Me, Merna Boots and Jeff (from left) won't stop loving you just like Judy Torres. See you next week for our big blowout two-year anniversary! $4 vodkas, $3 beers, $2 shots all night! xo.

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