Wednesday, April 01, 2009


BLOC PARTY AT OUR BLOC PARTY! East Londoner turned rock star Kele Okereke sold out Terminal 5 two nights in a row last week and played David Letterman with his band Bloc Party before dropping by Good Times, our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc party, for what I thought was gonna be a rock 'n' roll set with DJ partner Baby C. How wrong I was.

Actually, we had a star-studded evening of rock 'n' rollers considering the talented Corey Tut (right) dropped by to talk shop with his handsome Sidewalk Cafe event booker, Adam (left).

Living for bartender Sammy's summer '09 scruffy bleached-blonde faux hawk look on the left.

Checking his heart beat, which was racing as the hour of Kele and Baby C's arrival drew closer.

It's never too early for legs to spread at Good Times.

Danny (right) playing kissyface with Kathleen Hanna. Actually, that's not Kathleen Hanna but we so need to do a Kathleen Hanna night.

This might just be the gayest shirt I've seen in a long time. If only he could turn this into a lower back tattoo.

Gays in grays.

My friend Alon made me do this to him at the gym this week because one of his pecs is smaller than the other. It was embarrasing.

If anyone one of you requests Lady Gaga or Britney Spears at our UK-themed indie party, I swear to high heaven...

Daniel, Marlon and friend (from left), telepathically hypnotizing me to do a Garbage night in the near future, though I'm more likely to do a Butch Vig productions night, which would mean Nirvana galore.

Shane (left) and his man Wesley, looking like a rabbit in my headlights.

What is going on with dude on the right?!

Hello Jackies! Michel and the non-Jamaican Sean Paul ignored my indie rock mandate to request Beyonce's Beautiful Nightmare.

I only obliged because Michael was wearing a Summer Heights High tshirt. TSUNAMARAMA!

Eek! I thought that headband craze had motored off to the west coast already.

Jacob (left), tasting whatever coconut-y conditioner Kyra had used in her hair that morning. Jacob is hosting another Kingswood soiree with me and Stephen Savage this Sunday, 7 - 12. All electro, all night.

And speaking of upcoming gigs, Steven (left) is flying out to San Fran to support me when I DJ Juanita More's Booty Call Wednesday, April 15! Devotion!

As Alexyss K. Tyler would say, hyponotized by da dick!

Crackberry convention much?

I love Ehab (left) more than ever, since he and Medo (not pictured) came out to my sudden Astoria gig at Lavish last Friday, which is kind of the bomb. I mean, gay bar + astoria + hookahs?!

Uh oh. The next Good Times is also Mikey's (left) birthday bash, which means we're gonna get buckwild, Bensonhurst style to the sounds of Stevie B., Noel and Giggles!

Need I even say that I love every single thing about the lovely lady on the right.

Cheer up Wyatt! Look who's about to DJ...

VICE VERSA! Featuring Kele (left) and Baby C (right).

I think Kele kicked off the DJ set with Robyn S.'s Show Me Love, which always gets the lezzies going.

Makario (left) and Aaron, who showed his guns off to Good Times goers for the first time ever.

Baby C (left) might have been having too good of a time upon arrival, as he entertained for Kim (right) and other clubbers to the sounds of Technotronic and Remy Ma.

Will Shaquanda show up in costume April 8 at our two year annivesary to duke it out with Steph Stone, Mona Mour and Myrna Boots? I am praying day and night (like Crookers).

Joel (left, with yours truly) dropped in after a brief MTA arrest, which made him miss Bloc Party show he intended to see. Sidenote: Joel has the most amazing Domincan booty in all of New York City.


Paul (left, with Makario and Tai) made a surprise appearance in support of his fellow Londoner on the decks.

Cardigan season is almost finito!

Though Vice Versa went on at 1am, they kept the kids dancing till the wee hours of morning with 90's dance jams and Shorty Swing My Way, always a club fave.

She's got legs, and she knows how to use 'em.

It ain't a party till crazy red cap guy (oddly wearing a white cap this week) shows up and dances around, either to the DJ or to his ipod, which he is also known to do.


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