Saturday, September 01, 2007


We just found out that the East Village clubhouse Mr. Black was raided by FIFTY or so cops last night at 4am. Instead of a routine bust ("lights up, go home"), we hear that some patrons and nearly all employees, including doorgirl Roze, DJ Sammy Jo and the World Famous Ass (pictured above) were hauled down to central booking and will remain behind bars for 24 - 36 hours. Happy labor day fags!

Earlier this week on Thursday, cops raided the seemingly seedier East Village hangout, the Cock, only to find an Employees Must Wash Hands sign missing from the otherwise up to par bathroom (?!!) and venue. At Mr. Black, DJs, go-go boys, bouncers, bartenders and patrons were handcuffed and led off a dance floor littered with 50+ bags of drugs.

No word yet as to when the club will re-open, though we here that the manager snuck out and is working with a lawyer to reopen as soon as possible. Has the city been mounting a case against Mr. Black as an after-hours venue since APT was shuttered half a year ago? Is a Giuliani-style crackdown of gay NYC venues back in effect? Stay tuned.

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Roze said...

So I guess we all went from being 'mildly-famous' to INFAMOUS! LoL
But TRUST kidz, we'll be back bigger and better than ever. In the meantime, we are all temporarily scattered about the city giving showz and causing it! Stay tuned for our monthly mr. BLACK parties as well as parties hosted by your's truly and Black's children all round the city.
PS- I Love that pic of me! XOXO