Thursday, September 13, 2007


Happy Rosh Hashana! Last night, we rang in the jewish new year of 5768 with an all out jew bash, featuring multicolored yarmulkes and Manischewitz shots. Dudes were hanging from the rafters from 1030pm onward due to the massive turnout. 5768 shall be a good year indeed if it was anything like our party last night.

My former roommate Rachel is a rabbi in training. She hooked us up with hot pink yarmulkes, which were a big hit with jews and nonjews alike.

You know gramps totally saw my flier and was like, CHALLAH!

Cute guys sometimes opt for beer, even when tempted with cheap Svedka and Manischewitz.

Yarmulkes usually have an inscription on the inside from whatever bar mitzvah or wedding they were engraved for. You know Patrick's (right) says Moishe Rabinowitz.

The Princess Leia yarmulke trick for girls. Never gets old, or does it?

One of my friends was like, "I really hope there are some nice jewish doctors in the house tonight. I could use one of those." Sadly, those kinds of people don't always party till 4am on a Wednesday.

Matt the Baker was on photo duty last night but he neglected to snap any shots of yours truly. If you look really closely though, you can see me in DJ booth wearing a yarmulke for the first time since I was bar mitzvahed.

Shalom handsome! Come again next Wednesday please.

Adam (left) co-hosted Holy Sheet with me. He also came up with the name and doled out Manischewitz shots while I played intermittent klezmer hits.

These two are toasting l'shana tova, which means "for a good year," just in case you were one of the 200 people who asked me what it meant last night.

Ryan is a jew friend of my rabbi roommate Rachel. He's one of those read-the-blog-but-skip-the-party kind of guys. Until Holy Sheet. Now he's a convert!

Eric (left) co-hosted Holy Sheet as well. We went to jew camp together 17 years ago but failed to fool around in the shower house, which he still bemoans.

Artsy yarmulke photo! Can you name the heads of these Good Times regulars?

There's only one thing better than taxidermy in yarmulkes...


Of course EVA opted for a yarmulke chic look, which often entails an off-center, front-of-the-head approach to head covering.

Somehow, a computerized hologram version of Peter turned up instead of the real thing.

Everyone engaged in such deep discussion, probably about the Palestinian territory or something equally as sermon worthy.

Jewish mom alert! I know that she's really in her 20s, but doesn't she totally look like she could be going around the bar saying, DO YOU REALLY THINK ITS A GOOD IDEA TO BE DRINKING ON A WEEKNIGHT?

Peter has a last name that sounds jewish but its only because his Dad is jewish. His mom is a total goy, which, in jewish law, means Peter ain't one of the chosen people. Sorry Peter!

You know your party is the shit when you've swayed George away from the Phoenix Bar on a Wednesday night.

This guy made some really strange music request which I've blocked out of my head for the moment. It was probably on par with the dude who requested Linda Ronstadt later on.

Jewish or non-jewish, cute guys were in full effect.

Rosh Hashana is NOT like regular New Year's, where you're supposed to make out at midnight. I'm sure this dude just got confused and forgot he was gay for a minute too.

Andre is like the Sammy Davis Jr. of the East Village. As in he loves jews and is a great entertainer! Stop thinking in racial terms - its a new year. New beginnings!

Doni (in the yellow) supposedly hosted the party as well, but had to duck out early with his tall, non-jewish boyfriend (in the white) since Doni is a nice, Jewish lawyer.

I love this guy! He seriously makes any party 20 times better with those glasses, that bowtie and his smile.

Jeff (left), amongst a sea of jew-loving revelers.

JR was like, "What's the name of that guy in the white v-neck." He might as well have asked the name of the guy in the pink yarmulke.

Another fresh face at Good Times. Someone suggested doing a gay jew party every Wednesday. I was like, ummmm, well, ummmmm, see you at the Hannukah get together.

Requisite cheek-licking photo.

John may or may not have been sober at this point, but I'm pretty sure he was grooving to Hava Nagila, which I played not once, but twice.

The hotness! Have you been noticing the ghetto print-outs in the background that say Shana Tova! and Happy Rosh Hashana. It's all in the details, people.

Little known fact: Sammy the bartender is a jew! Who knew? He is the exception to the rule when it comes to hairy jew boys.

School is back in session! Bring on the 21 year olds.

The hotness that is Geroge was once again styling last night in an ultra-thin tee and fitted cap. Yes please.

Ludo (left) donned a yarmulke on his mohawk for like, half a second. Adam (right), on the other hand, had his jewfro covered the entire night, or so we are told. He doesn't remember anything past 1am.

Even bartender Darren got into the jewiness of the par-tay.

Yes, its that time of the night when folks need help standing up straight.

Bring on more Manischewitz shots, says Dave!

I guess those sunglasses are just in case the sun should rise at 4am when clubs close in New York. Or the walk of shame.

When you bump and grind jew style, remember to keep a hold on your kippah at all times.

Totally israeli. I bet he's complaining about people stepping on his Birkenstocks.

Cameron (left) and Michael made a rare weeknight appearance. Michael once sold me a Sir Mix-A-Lot record and we've been friends ever since.

Kevin, rubbing in the fact that jews can't tan very well.

Everyone's favorite Feygeleh, Ms. Burke (left), is back from P-Town! And he only complained about the music twice last night!

SURPRISE! Brad bussed up from Philly and grew out his payot along the way.

We toyed with the idea of lifting Adam up on a barstool, hora style, but folks had to settle for traditional dance in lieu of the possible lawsuit jews are known for filing.

Thank you Marc (left) for creating such an exquisite party flier. He is the real reason tons of boys came out last night, including his suitor of the evening (right).

Words cannot express the amazingness of this couple.

Did you know that the neighbors called the cops on us TWICE last night? "All we are say-ing, is give peace (in the middle east) a chance."

"No, but honestly, can we discuss Britney at the VMAs for real?"

This one was about to hand me a vibrating dildo from his satchel when I abruptly steered the conversation in a please-don't-give-me-that direction.

Michael did a little jig just as the rest of the crowd began to dance to more modern music such as M.I.A. or whoever...

...and then the camera died at 1am (after photographing David Davis). Yeah, I know, I'm too cheap to buy a battery with longer battery life. What can I say? I'M JEWISH!


Jimmy will be back next Wednesday to share Good Times party duties with me. And I'll be DJing the Cock this coming Sunday. I might even play Hava Nagila if you request it.

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