Thursday, March 15, 2007


Last night concluded my two week Wednesday stint at New York Magazine's "best new gay bar," Eastern Bloc. Thanks to everyone who came through and got the party started. My camera died somewhere around 1am so you'll probably never know what went on late night. Oh, and I'm free to DJ more parties, in case anyone asks.

Christine and Tom stayed a while. They just didn't want to take off their coats.

Ludo, Dave and Scott rocking men's room realness.

Matt and I met 10 years ago. Apparently, we both have a thing for bright colors.

Will worked the pole magnificently, as always.

"Did you guys catch American Idol tonight? I just lovvvvvvve Sanjaya."

Adam rolled through with his event planner posse.

Christine probably telling me that her lip gloss is poppin'.

Oh yes its ladies night and the feeling's right.

Michael and Cady are all about Fergalicious.

Micheal and Trent are all about maintaining perfectly trimmed beards.

Christian! Patches! Christian and Patches' friend!

She told me it was her first time at a gay bar and she was loving it. Duh.

Will was rocking Miami Vice realness but you couldn't really see it without my flash.

Tatted up dude buys a drink.

If you were there last night, you got served. By Darren.


David and Joe, a.k.a. the jewish and blatino East Village skinhead posse.

Christian and Tim in the house!

And sadly, Christine and James are putting on their coats and saying goodbye. For now.

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