Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Happy belated St. Patrick's Day, and happy anniversary to me for DJing at the same straight East Village spot for three entire years. This week more retarded than usual thanks to the drunken bridge-and-tunnel crowd.

Sag Harbor reprazent! (that's a town on Long Island)

Everyone was pretty bombed already when I showed up at 11pm so I kept it pretty top 40 so people wouldn't get up in my grill.

When did Mardi Gras beads become acceptable St. Patrick's Day fare? It's like, well both holidays are in the winter and involve lots of alcohol. Let's just merge them together.

People seriously get so excited when I DJ. Witness exhibit A, the girl on the right.

Exhibit B, guy on the left.

When did it become acceptable to wear your laundry clothes out on a Saturday night?

Not only does this picture rule cuz homegirl wants some chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side but check out not one, but TWO pairs of green boots. These ladies go all out.

Recycling shirt, beads and bangs. Need I say more?

A gay leprechaun even appeared in my DJ booth, only to tell me that he used to be a dancer and now lives in Astoria and was headed to Eastern Bloc. That was soooo last Wednesday.

"I can relate to Biggie Smalls, son."

Thank god the bar staff, including bouncer/barback Haydn (pictured above) was there to keep me sane. Even though Haydn was also wasted and had flashing green lights clipped into his hair (???), we had a good time.

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