Friday, March 09, 2007


Gay bar madness! I DJed a party at Eastern Bloc this Wednesday for my friend Jimmy, who leads an extravagant double life as a promoter and a travel writer. This week, while he tanned in Mexico, his friend Chris and I turned out the new Kelly Rowland for those who braved the snow.

We started off mellow. Chris got into some Sneaker Pimps shit which got the crowd moving.

Lucile (right) and crew rocked out when Chris dropped Luscious Jackson.

East Village gays have the sexiest beards.

You can't tell but Marko is rocking a Manhunt Valentine's Day tshirt. Yes he did.

Matt (left) likes to pretend he's jewish. Too bad he didn't bring out his curly-haired jew wig.

Stephen and Nate both really really tall. And bearded. And cute.

Cesar and Christine basically made out all night.

And Will explained that he likes to go-go to 80s jams like Cyndi Lauper (???)

Then he told me that he'll REALLY work the pole if I play some country music (???????)

But I opted for, ummmm, the new Kelly Rowland. And Lil Mama's Lip Gloss.

Paul knows how to work a pole too.

And Marc (right) now knows how to work a (cinnamon) roll thanks to baking lessons from Matt. See you next Wednesday.

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diana said...

aw,so cute!