Thursday, December 21, 2006


Marguerite Perrin, who flipped her shit on Trading Spouses last year when sent to live with an ungodly tarot card reader's family, is coming back! Well, she never really went away, seeing that she has a tricked out website and all, but still. She'll appear on a Jan. 19 two-parter for the same show.

I'm sure they're so going to coach her to use new and ridiculous non-words like her trademark "slag-kicks" and "god warriors," but I'm still gonna watch. Here's the clip that got me going in the first place:

Thanks to Michael K at D-Listed, my idol blogger and karaoke singer.


diana said...

ooh, exciting. i'd say she needs a few more minutes of fame.

Unknown said...

i need to read your blog more often. this is some funny shit!