Friday, December 22, 2006


The hotness that is gay porn star Johnny Hazzard has recently gone from skin flicks to singing pics. That is, he's trying his hand at music and music videos with the help of his long-time porn collaborator/director Chi Chi LaRue. Deeper Into You, his first original song, is in no way good and the video is even worse. But he's still really hot and half-naked so you'll probably want to watch the whole thing:

What!?!?!?! Why is he touching that exhaust fan on the roof? Why does Chi Chi cut to a close-up of it? Also, does anyone else think that this song suspiciously sound's like a bad version of Love and Rockets' So Alive? I do. I think Johnny should shut up and get naked. Or post another cute video of himself lip syncing and showing off his real dance moves. Or email me.

P.S. - A close friend of mine used to work at Franchesca's coffee shop up in Boston and used to see Mr. Hazzard on a daily basis before his porn star days when he like, worked across the street or something. I think they even cruised each other a bunch of times.

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Anonymous said...

Also, twerking hard, have you noticed how Johnny's only move is to kinda half take off his shirt, and then put it back over his shoulders again... 30 times?? judging from his movies, i think he could be more creative.
- dissapointed in massachusetts