Monday, December 25, 2006


It creeps me out how every blog mourns every celebrity in the exact same way. That said, I just can't resist a good opportunity to repost James Brown's mugshot and that techno rave song James Brown Is Dead by LA Style, which came out 15 years before his death in 1991. FYI:
  • Despite the name of their most well-known song, James Brown was at that time still alive. Holy Noise made a reaction by releasing the single "James Brown Is Still Alive!" that same year. Traumatic Stress from The Netherlands then released "Who the fuck is James Brown?" in 1991 as well. "James Brown is Dead" was also sampled by German techno group Scooter on their 1999 single "Call Me MaƱana"', taken from the 1998 album No Time To Chill.

    Presumably this all has to do with the sample of James Brown's funky drummer. As a radio DJ interested in Dance music Van Diepen probably made this track as a reaction to Pop Will Eat Itself's "Not Now, James, We're Busy".
Well that settles that one. LA Style was right after all.

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