Saturday, August 17, 2013


It's been a great summer. I ended my weekly Wednesday Good Times party of 6.5 years on a high note (pun intended!), DJed fantastic parties out in San Francisco, Toronto, Provincetown and Chicago, made it out to Fire Island thrice, DJed a bunch of well-paid gigs here at home in New York City and turned it out at last week's 11:11 and last night's JIZZ. Also, the word twerking has reached the point where my mom is messaging me about Time Out magazine twerk headlines.

Next stop after a gig out in Long Island City on Sunday is Madrid and Ibiza this coming week (never been. We're coming for you Hot Creations!) before arriving in Berlin August 29th for DONKEY's European debut at About:Blank for the DESSERT party on August 31st. Then we come home for a major studio moment in September and October as well as some NYC gigs. Stay tuned.


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