Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Two weeks ago, it got dark around 5pm here in New York City and the temperature dropped below freezing, though we still carried on with our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc because that's how we do. Guest DJ W. Jeremy even asked me if I was going to cancel, to which I responded 'HELL NAW' because those frigid winter nights always prove to be the best.

Barman Rob, looking as handsome as ever in his new Nasty Pig hat and no, Nasty Pig has never sponsored our party but I wouldn't be mad at some free schwag (aka socks and jocks).

After my opening set, I chatted up Ru (left, with pretty David) and we brainstormed ways to get more folks involved in his Occupy The Disco movement, a group of music enthusiasts who collectively attend awesome DJ and music performances regardless of whether the majority of attendees are gay or not.

Lulu (right) is headed home to France for the holidays and insisted that I join him one of these days since he assures me that Paris is where its out for New Years festivities.

I am glad Peter (right) has finally forgiven me for standing him in Bethnal Green, London last year, which was completely unintentional and completely shady of me. My bad!

I honestly cannot think of any "licky" caption for this photo that I haven't already posted on another tongue-to-cheek photo in the history of Good Times photos, of which there have been many.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when it comes to Eastern Bloc, beauty is in the face and bodies of the beer-holders / servers.

Every time someone poses in front of that damn Gaysploitation sign, it always turns out to be the most gaysploitative photograph in the roll (for better or worse. Sorry Andy's friend!)

Ain't nobody humpin' around except for maybe these two to the left.

Good Times: we're always here for you if you need a warm nuzzle or cuddle or five shots of Jaeger.

On slower nights, we ask coat checker Marc to hop up on the bar, pole or coat check table and show us what he's got. Then we play Crime Mob and let him go to town and see what good photos we can get out of it.

LA hip hopper AB Soto (right, pronounced Aye Bee, FYI) did a reverse snowbird thing this year by coming to New York for a few months this winter to share his music and handsomeness and awesome sweatshirt collection. Well, he's not sharing the sweatshirts but you can ooooh and ah at them along with the rest of us. 

Two weeks is now feeling like two years to me, since I headed down to New Orleans for a week (bounce music 4 life!) and then up to Boston this past weekend. Needless to say, I don't remember anything about this photo, including taking it, but I hope these two cuties got it on after last call.

If there's one word to some up guest DJ W. Jeremy and the awesome house set he spun for us, it's "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW."

BREAKING: We hear Ramon will be debuting his new drag character shortly before New Years, which means 2013 could be the year of RAMONA! (or whatever drag name he chooses. Stay tuned.)

No one works a mesh look like Marc. NO ONE.

Now that I'm back in New York for a good while, me and Mikey F. (left) are hard at work on music production under the team name Donkey. Xander (center) has offered us numerous nights of inspiration, with many more to come in 2013.

We are hoping Frankie (left, with Xander) wins this whole Gay Travel Guru competition he's been competing in for the past month because getting paid to travel, party and document it all is pretty much the best job ever.

We actually intended to maybe close a little early since it was oh so cold outside but alas, the handsome locals and good music kept on coming so we shut it down at 4am as usual.

I think I snapped this (blurry) photo of these two near closing time because who doesn't love a big, burly and bearded guy?

Talk to the glasses, son. See you next Wednesday, December 19th when we welcome guest DJ Joey Trotto at Good Times, who is not only spinning with me but also celebrating his birthday at midnight. Champagne toasts, anyone? xo, Sparber


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