Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Every year around Thanksgiving time, we throw an annual Prince party at our weekly Wednesday Good Times get together at Eastern Bloc and we call it Purple Gravy. Attendees include guest DJ Cameron Cooper (of GAG fame) and fanatics of Prince, Sheila E., Vanity, Jill Jones and other artists produced by the purple prophet.


At 10pm, I arrived to find the one and only Gugu giving happy hour shows to the early birds who came to get their drink on after work. Gugu is also game to host an upcoming Good Times so keep an eye out.

House of Field at the House of Good Times!

I think GAYSPLOITATION sums up this photo quite nicely, no?

 We do wish Matty's gloves were purple and paisley to go with the Prince theme of the evening but we won't hold it against him.

Can you guess which Prince production Eastern Bloc owner Darren asked for during our all-Prince six-hour set? The correct guess is....Sheila E.'s The Belle of St. Mark, which I like to think is about St. Marks Place here in the East Village even though it so isn't.

Has it already been a year since Nana celebrated her birthday with us at Good Times? Yes, according to Nana, since she's about to celebrate her nativity yet again and I still swear that she's aging in reverse, Benjamin Button style.

Though this year's Purple Gravy proved to be quieter than expected, it was way worth since I got to geek out to Prince all night AND hang with world-renowned DJs like Will (center), Severino (right) and W. Jeremy, who is also guesting at next Wednesday's Good Times.

Guest DJ Cameron Cooper (sporting the most perfect Purple Rain pin, I might add) played pure Prince perfection as we reminisced about Purple Gravys gone by and how neither one of us can really remember anything about any of them.

A visit from the Ayala brothers of Los Angeles, who finally had a chance to enjoy our little Wednesday party that could rather than photograph it or wait endlessly on a bathroom line that extends all the to the front door of the bar.

The Ladosahs are back from their tour de USA and by all accounts, it was an incredible experience that has prepped the House of Ladosha to conquer the world in 2013.

Hakan, giving handsome Turkish face for days.

Prince is one of those artists that is universally loved, bringing together gay men, Asian women and trannies from Papua New Guinea, though none of the latter showed up last Wednesday.

BREAKING: Alon (right, with yours truly) shaved his entire face and is going back to the basics with his natural good looks and Israeli charm.

Not mad at a leopard print shoe or an organized Scruff and Grindr outreach moment if you get your tricks to come party with us at Good Times.

Buddy (aka Kindbud) invited me and a few other DJs to make a cameo in his latest music video this week, which we shot a few blocks away in Tompkins Square Park. Keep your eye out for it. It's called The Remix Is Dead and I bet its gonna be real cute.

I was all, Let's Go Crazy! and he was all, Gett Off.

In case you haven't noticed (and in reference to his shirt), voguing, ballroom culture and a burgeoning subgenre of called Vogue Dramatics is all the rage right now which is basically Masters at Work's The Ha Dance reworked and remixed 1000 different ways.

Our secret Eastern Bloc glue-huffing stash.

Adam, giving supermodel poses alongside super cement beams.

 Scot is the baddest bitch of all time ever. Period.

And speaking of mainstream ballroom events, apparently the W Hotel (!) hosted some sort of  amFAR ball (?!!) last Wednesday where Kelly Osbourn was a judge (?!?!). The bright side of all of this is that Xander pumped one of his fiercest looks ever and won an award just for sitting there!

I'm not sure what category Jamil walked for at the ball but he is giving Julie Newmar catwoman DOWN.

Frankie and his Harajuku panda bear phone case.

Since we got out a little early, Marc (pictured), Cameron and I hung around for a bit and then caught the tail end of Dicap's DJ set nearby, which was filled with lots of Vogue Dramatics of course.

Barman Rob says see you next Wednesday at our lovely Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, where DJ, producer and record label entrepreneur W. Jeremy will be guesting with me. See you thurrr. xx, Sparber

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