Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our San Francisco buddy Ruben, also known as DJ Guy Ruben (he might have added the 'Guy' as a nod to Madonna's former husband) has been a big fan of our weekly Wednesday Good Times party from afar for a while now, which is why we were excited to not only have him in New York for once but to have him guest at his very first Good Times. 

SF in the hizz-ouse! Though Frankie (right) moved to New York a few years ago, he still hangs with Frisco's nightlife royalty Robert Jeffrey (left) and Mani M., aka Manicure Versace who we ADORE both in and out of drag.

It was actually a bit of a sluggish night in that it's-September-and-we're-all-back-from-the-beach-and-back-to-work-and-back-to-school kind of way, though everyone still seemed to have a massive from their summer outings.

We should do a blackout Good Times one day soon where everyone wears black v-necks like these two and we only play black music a la Lil Kim. Actually, another Lil Kim party would be really on point right now. I bet we could even get her to perform.

These two either came from San Francisco as well to show their love for Guy Ruben or else they hopped the F train from Brooklyn for a night out in the East Village. Either way, I won't be picking a fight with either one any time soon.

Mani (left) tried to seduce Jeremy into moving back west by showering him with soft kisses and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. But it's not gonna work! Jeremy belongs to New York and we're keeping him. (New Jersey can have him on some weekends though.)

One-half of Australian electropop duo Garcon Garcon, Nathan (left, with Santi) popped up at our little party and we were so happy to meet him. His other half never showed despite our Scruff outreach efforts. Next time.

Vote Obama. Vote Michelle. And vote DJ Guy Ruben Sandwich.

Ruben first met DJ Chauncey D. (left) online and bonded over their mutual fanaticism for Madonna. Now they're real-life besties and even attended Madge's latest concert together in New York City.

Instead of exchanging BFF necklaces, Jeremy and RJ have opted to be neckless BFFs.

Our photo duties were also a bit off last Wednesday, as our semi-routine photographer Kelvin never showed (is he back in jail? Can someone go check? And more importantly, can someone snap some photos for us?) but I'm glad we captured these cuties and the low-slung necklines on their shirts.

Everyone's favorite daddy Darren (right) brought in some hunky west siders (it's a guess but I'm going with it) to keep things poppin' including everyone's eyes.

Shorty's who may or may not swing my way.

Even though last Wednesday wasn't the busiest, it was one of the most fun not only for all the SF reuniting that went on but because I got to reunite with AJ, Tom and Drew (from left), all of whom I only get to see once a year if that.

Ruben, giving good face.

This summer, I DJed an event up at a place in Maine called the Seeds for Peace camp where typically Israelis and other middle eastern kids and adolescents congregate and work together. Then I went to Provincetown and my buddy Aly (right. He's Egyptian) told me he used to attend Seeds of Peace. Smallest world ever?

I'm not sure what was going on with this guy in the green (was he trying on fannypacks? Being fitted for a tailoring job?) but he sure was having a good time, as anyone at the bar past 2am can attest to.

Tonight its party time its party time tonight.

DJ Sexy Mikey, who has been working on the most killer DJ set you've ever heard in your LYFE.

So tempted to move to SF with boys like this. But for now, I'll just be visiting again October 21 till the 30th to enjoy the warm weather and DJ a few gigs and cruise the fruit shelf.

I'm green with envy that he got this hug and I didn't.

I've really missed more frequent visits from nightlife photographer and sweetheart Jeff but I'm also so so happy each and every time he shows his face. Hoping he and everyone else comes out this Friday for another installment of my third Fridays party at Metropolitan in Williamsburg which now has a name...JIZZ!

Yeah. We didn't take that many photos. Sorry! But my buddy James did show up with a bouquet of flowers and we went back to my place and watched Magic Mike till 6am cuz the party literally don't stop till six in the morn'.

GOOD TIMES! See you next week when the most special disco guest EVER, DJ Bobby Viteritti who used to DJ at SF's Trocadero Transfer back in the day, guests with us. It is one Good Times you will not want to miss. I promise. And the Jizz with me on Friday at Metro. xoxo, Sparber

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