Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Barely 24 hours after I left the deserts of Nevada and Burning Man, I returned to New York City last Wednesday for all the hoopla that is fashion week and back to school season. Lucky for us at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, the fabulous Juanita More was in town and graced us not only with her presence but with a stellar DJ set to boot.

Ryan (left) filled me in on the insanity he was about to face the following weekend by handling door duties at two massive fashion week parties. I opted to stay home and hide and watch Curb Your Enthusiam episodes on repeat while listening to the new Drop Out Orchestra album.

I don't think I've seen Mascara since Fire Island last summer. Or was it the summer before. It's all one big blur now, though the soundtrack definitely involved a lot more Kelly Rowland than Nicki Minaj.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERGHOEF! Our most devoted Good Times goer, Steven (left, with his handsome hubby Tom) celebrated his day of birthday last week and we'd like to think his dear friend Juanita More flew all the way from San Francisco just to celebrate and sing him happy birthday Marilyn Monroe style, though we didn't actually see that happen.

Eric (left) and I compared Burning Man notes (he opted for later night. I was done by 1am every night and was up at 10am thanks to that desert heat) while Greg (right) told me I'm one of the reasons he still lives in New York, which brought a tear to my eye.

I knew the gods had answered my prayers from the day before when the one and only Tina Benet showed face at our little East Village soiree and tried to steal the spotlight by sticking her tongue in the nearest electrical socket. Nice try Tina!

RUMOR MILL: Nita Aviance went back to bein' a man and was seen "canoodling" with Trani at last week's Good Times at Eastern Bloc!

As if. But the real news is that 1) Nita is teaming with Gant Johnson for a Tubway reunion at Good Times on October 24th and 2) Trani is celebrating her big 4-0 at Good Times. On Halloween. And it is going to be M.A.J.O.R.

Hunky barback Rob had to cover both barback and barman duties in the absence of barman Darren, which meant yours truly was on double duty both DJing and snapping photos all night rong.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart realness.

Juanita looked flawless and sounded flawless. She also told me that people have been trying to get her out to Burning Man for years now but she's not the biggest fan of desert conditions and/or sandy wigs.

It's not him, it's the E talking.

Juanita's hostess with the most-ess for her visits to New York always ends up being Kristofer, who not only came dressed in Juanita More couture but handled her luggage as well. Now we understand why he is the most-ess.

Back with my boys in New York City for the rest of the fall (with a quick visit to San Francisco in October) and I couldn't be happier.

Buttoned all the way up or unbuttoned all the way down. Take your pick.

There's only one thing we love more than a polly pocket and that's a gathering of polly pockets at our very own weekly Wednesday party.

I pretty much sold Louis (right) and Andrew on attending Burning Man next year, though I insisted that we need an RV with the pop-out side component. I don't really know what the pop-out side component allows room for but I know that it looks pretty cunt from the outside of every RV at Burning Man.


And now when you come say hey to the DJs in the DJ both, you no longer have to worry about knocking 5 drinks onto the mixers, computers and cd decks. Behold our PLEXIGLASS.

I'd like to imagine that if I were Brazilian, I'd look something like this handsome man to the left.

Daryl (left) and I reminisced about his Honey Boo Boo remix from a year or two ago long before she has the top rating spot on national television. She even made a special shout video for Daryl on youtube.

J4 is back in New York and giving the only asymmetrical crop top look for this year's fashion week.

That's not actually the E talking. That's Sam's way of saying hey gurl hey after serving drinks for five hours already (and he still had four more to go).

Oh shit. You know the party is popping off when a maraca makes an appearance.

I have no idea who brought that maraca but it might just be the noisemaker of the season since the Chinese fan look is officially dead in the gutter.

Perennial looks that always seem to work: basketball jerseys, hats with patterns, facial hair.

So much going on in this here photo and yet I can't help but think that dude in the Run DMC necklace to the right is kind of stealing the spotlight right about now.

Oh how I've missed this man. Can we please start a kickstarter right now to send Xander to Burning Man next year? I'm cereal.

The princess of Twitter, Ms. Alexis Blair Penney, reminding you that she'll holla for a dolla and will do the unspeakable for a $20.

We hadn't seen George since he took us to the most insane Tiki-themed karaoke spot in Portland last year in his ride that he nicknamed Brian so it was a delightful surprise to see his face, especially after we bonded with a handful of Portland folk out at Burning Man. Good Times Portland anyone?

Jamil (left) and Edwin, getting ready to twirl a girl.

Gerardo wasn't all that stoked for fashion week either but he gave us his best Blue Steel and we ran with it.

These are the things that Good Times dreams are made of.

I'll take two.

Cesar always puts together the best looks ever and his ode to Cross Colours and Malcolm X was no disappointment.

Someone has been hulking out in his downtime from running the winter coat check at Eastern Bloc and his name is Marc and we very much approve.

Frank SWEARS this is the last Wednesday he'll be out and about in New York City but since he's been saying that for, ummm, eight months now, we're kind of just expecting to see him at next Wednesday's Good Times with guest DJ Guy Ruben.

And then I shut it down with the ONLY closing set, including Bicep & Ejeca and a Portishead Glory Box loop, over which Nita FREESTYLED on the mic. Dreams do come true! See you next week. xo, Sparber

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