Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We at Good Times, our weekly Wednesday party at Eastern Bloc in NYC, are big fans of everything Seattle, including (but not limited to) grunge, flannel, the fish market, Comeback (the party) and Pony (the bar). Which is why we were oh so happy to host Pony owner and Comeback co-founder Marcus Wilson (aka DJ Porq) as guest DJ at last week's par-taaaay.

The most adorable couple known to man, Paul (left) and Bubi, popped in on the early side of things to return some clothes I loaned to Bubi last week when we both made a cameo in an upcoming SSION music video.

Kelvin made a surprise return to Good Times last week after going MIA for a few months. He is now safe and sound and even shot last week's party photos, which is exactly why we still have a soft spot in our heart for him.

There were lots of bearded beauties running around Good Times last week that were not part of our regular party crew but we weren't mad at it in the least.

Nobody ended up wearing grunge-inspired short-sleeved flannels as requested by yours truly but I guess that would have made things way sweatier than they already were so we had to settle for a few short-sleeved button-downs like this.

My body, your body, everybody move your body.

Me and the man of the hour, Mr. Marcus Wilson who played an absolutely phenomenal set. At the end of the night, everyone from my best friends to the bartenders to the doorman commented on how awesome DJ Porq played that night.

Something tells me these two weren't ready for the really long delay between flashes on our backup camera (the other battery charger has been found!) but they look mighty cute nonetheless.

Adam (left) has given me no financial incentives whatsoever to announce that he's now coloring hair at Mark Garrison Salon on 60th St. at Park Avenue. I just want an equal number of beauties to come through his workplace as I get at mine. And we get a lot.

Perhaps now is a good time to make mention of (or apologize for) the substitute camera's tendencies to snap photos in extreme close-up. Sorry 'bout that.

You know how there's always a gaggle of tall people hanging out with one another because, ummmm, I'm not really sure why tall people like hanging with one another but these three are that. Also, Kyle (right) accompanied DJ Porq all the way from Seattle and we don't know much about Thomas' piece on the left other than he was looking fine as hell.

We're waiting for this ginger on the left to reenact those naked Prince Harry photos in 3, 2, 1...

Our baby (bar) back ribs, Rob, who was working extra hard at last week's party in the absence of Good Times grandmaster cocktail wizard Darren.

Since I'll be up in Provincetown next Wednesday, August 22, for a guest DJ spot at the weekly Fagbash party downstairs at the Governor Bradford (I'm on early! Come at 10), I'll be entrusting next week's Good Times in the house-y hands of my main squeeze W. Jeremy.

Abi (right) and a pair of handsome men giving something simple yet chic (yes, I've been watching way too Project Runway and cannot get Michael Kors' voice out of my head. Fun fact: Michael Kors and I attended the same high school, like, 40 years apart). 

Through the blur of it all, I still see a fine face to the left and it isn't even bearded.

Most of the Good Times family and friends showed up later in the evening last week, which is why it was super delightful to see Kevin's cute furry face (left) roll through early on with a sexpot in tow.

Counting our blessings that the party's popularity somehow continues to grow and prosper.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! (second from left, with the glasses, next to Michael W., left, who apparently just relocated back to New York City after an attempt at New York's evil twin sister, Los Angeles.)

Me (trying super hard to open my eyes), with David (left) and the legendary Bobby Viteritti! Bobby used to DJ at the Trocadero Transfer in San Francisco back in the heyday of disco and we're lucky enough to FINALLY have him guesting with us at Good Times on September 19th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

More gingeyness on the left and some dark and swarthy Mediterranean material (with ear gauges no less! I'm always a sucker for ear gauges) on the right. Hey there mister Mediterranean.

I really hope these three jumped ship over at G Lounge's DILF party (Dads I'd Like to Fuck) to explore the more eastern parts of downtown Manhattan on a Wednesday night by stumbling over to our perpetual daddy appreciation party known as Good Times. 

To the tune of Dem Franchize Boys' In My White Tee, which was unfortunately not on DJ Porq's playlist that particular evening.

More DILFs! Maybe they knew that back to school season was just around the corner and every NYU frosh needs a daddy to get him through a cold winter of ramen noodles and Girls reruns.

Seattle's other superstar DJ, Colby B. (center), came out in support of her longtime Comeback DJ partner and platonic husband, DJ Porq. Colby's also hitting the road this fall with a bunch of travel DJ dates so go and find her when she comes to your city, which is probably happening in the very near future.

A reenactment of the Andrew Geske Good Times camera pose? Say it ain't so! We even hear that Andrew is bidding farewell to the East Coast which saddens us a ton.

Andy (right) and his hunky Brazilian boyfriend Raffael. I don't even think these two came into da clurb but maybe it was just too stinky and crowded. Or maybe they were just out for a stroll to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop when Kelvin snapped this photo. Either way, I heart.

Third ginger of the evening! And you know what happens when three gingers congregate together in a room, don't you? Behold... 


Not sure how or why he lost his shirt and got into pole position but a crowd formed around him and he worked that pole like Nomi Malone at stripper convention.

Yes please.

Thank you to this random fella for putting on such a divine and ab-tastic showing for all the Good Times goers of last week.

START THE RUMORS - ME AND XANDER ARE AN ITEM! Not really but I do have a profound love for this one that grows and grows week after week. Ask him for a kiss or a hug next time you see him and you won't be disappointed either.

Superstar singer Ari Gold (right) is usually cray cray with gay pride parade performance throughout the summer so we're glad he found time to come say hey, especially since he brought along that cute Italian in the middle.

Sidewalk shows, to say the least.

Xander and I actually try to spend as little time outside on the sidewalk as possible on a Wednesday because we know when we do, it will turn into a major scene. Like Frankie wielding his magic power of seeing into the future through the orifice of his cock ring.

Sorry French friends! You should have asked Kelvin to snap one more photo of y'all cuz now I must resort to this subpar photo that hardly shows off your handsomeness. Next time!

Hipster Brooklyn band or a hodgepodge or cuties from Australia and beyond?

My favorite part about this photo was pushing these two together to be in it and Billy (right) announcing, I DONT EVEN KNOW THIS GUY! (yet somehow, a similar photo popped up on Billy's world-nowned facebook page one day later.)

A Portuguese princess named Kevin, who is up in New England with me this week helping me with a few big DJ gigs and charming the locals by way of Scruff, Grindr and good ol' fashioned street cruising.

I swore he was Italian in the style of Jersey Shore (as evidenced by this here photo) but he's actually Italian Italian. Like, from Italy or something. Birth certificate evidence is still pending.

When Shannon met Frank. Shannon (left) is in town for a few weeks visiting from Oz while Frank (right) is only here for a few more weeks to pack up his apartment before he becomes a more permanent resident of Portland, Oregon.

Our Turkish buddy Hakan finally made it to Good Times, though we're not sure how much of it he actually remembered the following day.

To quote a very appropriate line from a very relevant La'Mady song, THIS IS NEW YORK CITY BITCH! Love these two more than you know. 

In that six degrees of separation game, I met Eric (left) through our mutual friend Roman, who I met through Matteo (right). Then Eric blocked me on Facebook and showed up at my party a few days later. Somehow, I think it all came full circle but I'm still pondering that.

LAST CALL! Thanks again to everyone who came out and DJ Porq from Seattle and Xander for being the not-so-secret platonic love of my life. Go see W. Jeremy at next week's party. Or come see me in Provincetown at Fagbash. Or at Burning Man! xo, Sparber

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