Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Shortly after I returned from Spain with a bundle of new freckles and a renewed energy for my weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, me and my DJ crush Michael Magnan took to the decks last Wednesday for our fourth annual Nite of Deee-Lite. And as usual, it was just as deee-lovely as ever (except for my missing camera battery charger, hence the weird photos from my backup camera, which has not the best flash).

Early in the evening, my non-twin (though he has been called my twin in the past by others) Jayme dropped in to catch all the beginnings of my deee-groovey set, which included the slowest and most sumptuous song, What Is Love?

Dandy had been busy readying a new mix, a new mash-up and prepping for his Marinate party this past Sunday (every second Sunday at Eastern Bloc) but found time to come by and say hey gurl hey!

Ryan, looking deep into Supa DJ Dmitry's eyes. (Yes, Ryan has x-ray vision and can see past those sunglasses. Hell, I will not be surprised if Ryan starts DJing with Dmitry in Berlin by this time next year.)

Former club kid Peter (right) came through not only to hear some Bittersweet Lovin' but to sound off on his own and my own bittersweet lovin' situations of late. Someone needs to get this one an advice column. Or a Delilah-like radio show.

Sheki (left, with John and Alon) bucked the tank top trend of this summer by opting for a long-sleeved button down in the mid fucking August. He's a rebel and we love him so!

Double trouble. Or, to quote another favorite Deee-Lite song of the evening, "call me, call me."

Tens across for the board for these two.

Jesse (right) explained how he chose to forego his Brooklyn DJ pursuits in exchange for some more schooling, to which a friend walked up to him and exclaimed, "you used to do that party at Union Pool? That party was awesome!"

Good Times loves a double dose of Polly Pockets.

Party Happenin' People!

That perma-smile that you get when Michael Magnan comes on the decks and proceeds to play nothing but Deee-Lite for two hours straight followed by the hottest Dai Burger song you've ever heard.

Xander was NOT having the new camera. In fact, without even letting him know we had switched cameras, we snapped this photo with an awkwardly spaced double flash and he remarked, WHAT CAMERA IS THIS?! I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAMERA CHANGES!

Then we kiki-ed upstairs and downstairs and all was good in the world. All was also very good with Jamil's (right) new 'do.

This one camped out by the corner of the bar and huffed his own poppers the ENTIRE night, which was pretty fucking major.

And work and serve and huh huh honey.

Apparently he was not too enthused by the new camera either but we sure were enthused by him.

As one of the Eastern Bloc owners who was not involved scandalizing tabloid headlines this week, Darren tended to the and showed off an even buffer bod in anticipation of his end-of-August visit to Ibiza. (Next year, take the Eastern Bloc staff with you! Company holiday = morale booster, right?)

Proving that I can post unflattering photos of me for the sake of our long lost Good Times family members who haven't shown face around here in eons.

We were not mad at these two French Canadian cuties in the white hats and neither was Rico (center) as you can tell by his smirky side-eye. GET IT GWURL.

Music selector is the soul reflector, especially when the selector is guest DJ Michael Magnan.

Magnan mugged for the camera kind of in front of my two Deee-Lite posters and Deee-Lite 12-inch collection which was off to the left. And to answer the questions that kept coming in last Wednesday, yes, they're original.

In my warped lookalike mind, I saw a striking resemblance between Frank (left, who's packin' it in and leaving his long-time NYC apartment. Don't go!) and Mark even though I don't think anyone else saw. Then again, it was late and I had had a few vodkas sodas.

Though it was pretty much last call (and our last chance to play ESP and What is Love yet again), both Antonio (left) and Telfar rolled through on the late side so there was actually a good excuse to stick around and booze it up.

You never know when a handsome Spaniard like Cristobal is going to roll through either. Viva Deee-Lite! See you next week when me and guest DJ Marcus Wilson aka DJ Porq (of Comeback and Pony fame in Seattle) take to the decks. Till then. xx, Sparber

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