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Nearly two years ago, we did a Sweden-themed party at our weekly Wednesday Good Times happening at Eastern Bloc called Swedest Good Times, where we served swedish fish and played lots of tracks by Fever Ray and the Knife. Last Wednesday, we had a reprise of sorts in the form of a real live Swede DJ, Pjotr, who didn't bring any fish with him but plenty o' Scandinavian beats.

Our handsome barback Rob crammed as much Good Times as possible into last week's party, as he'll be out of commission for a little while while he heals from a hernia surgery and we will miss him dearly. Get well soon Rob! No heavy lifting.

Birthday boy Jorge (right) volunteered to snap a few photos during my 10 - 12 DJ set, including this one with Chris (center) and Chris' friend from Minnesota, which is kind of like the Sweden of the U.S. if such a thing exists. (Alaska = Russia.)

Besides hailing from the same hometown as Lindsay Lohan and Amy Fisher, I also know of a few lady friends from Merrick, Long Island who grew up to upright and outstanding citizen such as Lori (right) and Cheryl aka my karaoke buxom buddy.

Gugu is GIVING IT TO ME in those hologram sunglasses. She alleged that she was rehearsing for an Eastern Bloc performance the following evening but we all know Gugu loves the camera and the camera loves Gugu.

There's something mysteriously Russian about this trio of patrons, who just happen to be visiting our soviet-style bar on the eve of Putin's reelection. Coincidence?

I felt an urgent need to introduce Eliot (second from left) to the Swedish guest of honor, Pjotr, since both sport beards much much richer in reds than mine.

Headgear of all shapes and sizes.

Some customers actually got a little aggro that there were no Swedish fish this time around. They must have forgotten that we all got bellyaches and ended up with Swedish fish stuck to our soles which pretty much took two years to finally come out.


Happiest of birthdays to Jorge, who has been a bit more reclusive these past six months but apparently is between jobs now and therefore should have lots more time party on Wednesday nights.

Did you know Louis (pictured) used to be a core member in the cult of Lina? Did you know Lina and yours truly just booked our tickets to London (!) and BERLIN (!!!). Methinks Europe is not quite ready for all this jelly.

I was feeling a bit under the weather due to an impending flu and a 6am flight to Dallas for my first visit to the gay rodeo when it visited Fort Worth.

Matt (right) and his man JR, canoodling by the bar.

Give it to me Gugu.

I sort of fell in love with this one on the left for giving me a cross between Big Scot and Def Leppard roadie, and both of those statements are meant as major complitments btw.

Speaking of Def Leppard, Tim (center) was giving major muscle looks in his Hysteria tshirt, as was his handsome boyfriend Mitch (right) and their other muscle buddy to the left.

After Dallas, I traveled to Atlanta, where I visited Piedmont Park and learned that all the sexy, Southern men of color take over the park on Sundays, which locals refer to as Chocolate Sundays. I kid you not.

James (left, aka Bozo numero uno) insisted on grabbing Kevin for this photo just as Santi insisted on photobombing it from the back. Oh, and Kevin's bestie Eddie (aka Black Eddie) will be celebrating his biggest birthday bash EVER at the next Good Times and has requested a guest DJ set from the one and only Nita. (He has also requested that everyone wear yellow.)

W. Jeremy, suited up in sweats from head to toe.

Marc and Rob, holding down the fort while big daddy Darren is out of the country.

Steven (right) has been hugging people ecstatically ever since we revealed that we're flying in our extra special guest DJ, Juanita More, for our March 14th (pie day! 3.14) Good Times Five Year Anniversary party!

Gerardo, no relation to the pop singer Gerardo whose only addiction has to do with the female species cuz he eats them raw like sushi.

They actually posed like this when I asked if I could take a pic and it somehow works.


If anyone wants to win over me and Jermaine (left), we are both accepting donations of that Nestle's Crunch / Girl Scout cookie collaboration candy bar. In fact, we might devote a whole Good Times to Girls Scout Cookie if we can rally enough support (and like, bus in real Girl Scouts to sell em).

PLANET ZIZMOR FLASHBACK! Alon (right) and Celso used to collaborate all the time on Alon's space disco-themed Planet Zizmor party. We hear that White Noise (formerly the Hose, where I once DJed Zizmor) has just been sold so perhaps its time for Return To Planet Zizmor!

A kind pair of locals who I chatted with but can't remember much of the conversation since my NyQuil kicked in something fierce right around now.

Which new school downtown vogue sensation is slated to do vocals on an upcoming dance track? Hint: he's pictured here.

We like to call this seat "the perch." And we like it when someone out of camera shot lends a helping hand.

His royal red beardiness, Pjotr, who played everything from Murk to classic Strictly Rhythm and beyond, reminding us once again that Swedes always have the best taste in everything.

These two warned me about my trip to Texas but failed to mention the line - spectacle I witnessed at The Roundup or the whole concept of "cowboy drag," as in gay men who dress like cowboys mostly for uniform fetish purposes.

Charley in a fluorescent-less ensemble of blacks and whites and romper stomper boot prints.

When Erik G. (left) quit facebook, we thought he had followed through in selling all his possessions and becoming a global nomad. Turns out he was just hiding in Brooklyn and drinking at the Metro.

Not only a talented DJ but maybe the funniest person on earth. I heart Ryan Smith tshirts, anyone?

I almost was going to go an entire photo set without mentioning this but as you can see from their clothes, it was once again a cold and rainy Wednesday night. Godspeed, summer, cometh to us at once.

Ginger beards are officially the new black beard.

Thanks again to Pjotr and everybody who came out to see that Swede dreams are made of these. See you next week for Black Eddie's birthday Good Times with me and DJ Nita. xo, Sparber

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