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Long before the club named Mr. Black became a bi-coastal chain (well, not really bi-coastal since it no longer exists in New York. RIP Mr. Black NYC!), it was a New York City phenomenon with awesome bartenders and DJs. One of those former bartenders, Black Eddie, has since become a good friend to Good Times at Eastern Bloc (Wednesdays!) and we were delighted to throw him a birthday bash last Wednesday with the help of his former Mr. Black cohort, DJ Nita.

The first photo of the night usually displays happy hour revelers still in suits and ties from a late night meeting that they somehow escaped early so they could swing by Good Times and get shitfaced before hitting the hay. Or something.

My neighbor Orlando also likes an early evening drink on his way back to Avenue D (the street, not the electroclash duo of the early noughties).

I don't think I had seen Kevin and Brandon since Fire Island last summer and despite the suspicious fire that devastated the Pines last year, can I just say that SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER!

Not only did Jermaine devastate my waistline by showing up with these frozen Girl Scout thin mints, he also devastated my soul by announcing his impending move to Hells Kitchen. (Cue: Another One Bites the East Village Dust.)

Shiny happy people holding hands!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE BLACK! Eddie mentioned that his birthday dress code was yellow, "but not in a water sports kind of way." Sadly, I forgot to share the dress theme with everyone or participate in it myself, which had absolutely nothing to do with white people usually looking horrendous in yellow.

The birthday boy and his German man and his German mom.

Tranny (left, with Michael T.) nearly brought me to tears this particular evening when she told me that Good Times has single-handedly given her a reason to return to nightlife. Love you Tranny!

The Super Handsome Superheroes (from left): Shahar, James Ryan and Eliot.

I know Francesco (left) has been returning to our weekly Wednesday night party in hopes of dancing on the pole again to Rihanna's Cockiness and by george, Nita actually mixed it to his Mr. Black classics set! Francesco, however, was a no show on the pole.

She's as super excited for next week's Good Times Five Year Anniversary party as I am, and not only becuase we've been going at this tomfoolery for five years: JUANITA MUTHAFUCKIN MORE is flying in from SF to DJ with us. Can I get an amen?

I tried convincing Stephen (left) that he needed to join me at Burning Man this year but he has yet to purchase his tickets.

The legend of Mr. Black NYC, Mr. Nita Aviance! Nita gave us Miss Honey vocals and threw in some Work It to The Bone as if she was working with 5 cd turntables all at once like in the olden days.

Another neighbor who showered our party with so much praise that I couldn't help but get a little verklempt.

DJ Dandylion and his buddy in front of the non-golden shower themed yellow balloons brought in special for Black Eddie. Or Eddie Black. Which one is it again?

Kevvy and Volpe (center two) reminisced about how they also met in the bygone days of Mr. Black NYC when Kevin was allegedly a go-go dancer, something I never witnessed with my own two eyes.

These two look like the Long Island Rail Road riders that are always on the Fire Island-bound trains but then they exit at one of those weird beach towns before Sayville that I've never been to in my life (and I'm from Long Island, thankyouverymuch).

Straight off the plane from Atlanta and ready to throw down at my weekly party.

Serious straight vibes coming from this corner. Or maybe Black Eddie just has a lot of "coworkers" at his party.

Michael T. (left, with Alon and Shahar) was on fierce boot patrol with his old school flip phone that doubles as a boot-finding flashlight. Lookout for an upcoming Michael T. PERFORMANCE at a very special Good Times in a few more weeks.

Yes to his Super Mario MIDRIDD sweatshrit! This is going to be the look of 2016 folks.

Who needs birthdays when you look as timeless as these two.

Maybe the best moment of my whole entire life.

We didn't actually sing happy birthday but we did get on the microphone a few times just to remind everyone that it was in fact Eddie's muthafuckin' birthday.

Major contender for photo of the week. It's like when that crazy drunk passes out and everyone jumps in to pose with him/her. Which reminds me of how much I miss Natasha!

Jersey gays love Good Times too!

Eddie and our handsome jack-of-all-trades Marc, who has been bartending, barbacking and coat checking all season and if that doesn't deserve a tip or a quick BJ in the bathroom, than I'm not sure what does.

Me and the T., who recently disclosed that he is huge fan of public executions when it comes to slumlords and Lady Gaga fanatics.

Lap dance shows, to the tune of "get up on it and ride that thing (peanut butta, reesey cup)."

Tranny (right) and Johnny, not-so-secret lovers from a former lifetime (or former decade).

I've finally been out-slutted at my own slutty tank top game.

East Village DILF party, happening here and now with Gustavo, Eric and Steve. Get into it!

The elusive and unfacebookable Brett. Facebook fatigue is also happening here and now and Brett is the leader of the pack.

I also extended a very warm happy birthday wish to Ryan (left), who celebrated his 69th year on earth this past week and is only growing better looking by the year.

Sorry Anthony! Sorry Alon! You have been overshadowed by a really fucking amazing hairdo. Better luck next week at our five year anniversary party.

Hola gupasitos.

The DJ kiki hour, when Ryan (left), Will and myself talk shop about our East Village dance parties past, present and future. FYI - Ryan threw a rad Wrecked party this past Saturday where everyone was equally abuzz about the music and the strange stench emanating from the basement space.

Good Times celebrity stalking with Project Runway finalist Joshua McKinley. Thank god Bert wasn't around to rile his nerves once again (but we love you Bert! Feel free to pop in for a drink on us).

Caution: slutty tank tops can lead to slutty activities.

When beards collide.

Crushing on that cutie named Joe on the left, but maybe only because he's giving the most beard of these three.

Late night Harajuku boy sightings!

Once 4am rolled around, our new coat check guy got a little more comfortable by loosening up a button or five and unearthing a hula hoop that must have magically appeared out of thin air. Or maybe he's just an amazing hula hoop stunt queen cuz she sure knew how to hula.

The return of Kelvin! And David Scott (left)! And STARELLE! Love my late night posse. See you next week for the Good Times Five Year Anniversary party with extra special guest DJ, Juanita More! xo, Sparber

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