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Where to start? Three weeks ago (!), we welcomed my dear friend and spiritual guru DJ Lina back to New York City and Good Times (Wednesdays! at Eastern Bloc) after seven long months on Fire Island. Then I voyaged to London for a week and Madrid for a week and am only now posting these pictures so its all a bit of a blurrrrrrrr. But the party was packed, the men were hot and the music was ovah so yeah. Let's rewind for Rewind Good Times.

Rich (left) and Michael made an early appearance so as not to miss one song in my set and Lina's set. Rich also played a major set of his own that weekend at his flannel-trade Snaxxx party, which now feels like it was last year.

My best friend and soul mate from way back on Planet Ishla, Ms. Lina, giving you gorgeous Donna Summer effect.

I loved a devoted Sparbie Doll (the retarded name I came up for people who come see me DJ) and Bradley is inching his way toward the top, as he came to see me at this particular Good Times in NYC as well as the following Sunday when I DJed Horse Meat Disco at the Eagle in London, which was bananas. Love you Bradley!

I'm not sure what Lina calls her devoted followers besides sugar and cookie, but Dan (right) is definitely vying for Lina fan club prez against yours truly. Loving the photo bomber too.

Marques (right, with DJ Michael Magnan) announced that he hates getting caught kissing in the middle of Good Times. As if someone is gonna snap a photo of it and post it on the interweb. I would never!

Major Pantene hair product shows, courtesy of an otherwise hairless and adorable Darren K.

Parker (left, with Ryan) got all dramatic that this was his last Good Times of all time ever because he's moving to New Orleans to open an upscale fashion shop for men. I got all sad too till I realized he'll probs be back in NYC by next summer, if not sooner. Just sayin'.

Ryan was heartbroken that Natasha was nowhere to be seen but not so heartbroken that photographer Kelvin was also missing in action. What if Kelvin and Natasha were busy making a secret club kid love child???

It's DJ-turned-upstate-makeup-artist J4, who hasn't set foot in Eastern Bloc since he climbed on top of the TV and broke it. Well, that was eons ago but by the look in Charles' eye, I can tell some of us haven't forgotten.

Ashton and Mathew, thankful that the L train was running this particular night. And since I missed Good Times Thanksgiving and the one after that, I am thankful for Severino and W. Jeremy and Cameron Cooper and Michael Magnan filling in for me while I was busy "learning Spanish."

More upstate New York realness, courtesy of Paul H., who is looking almost as gorgeous as the lady of the night standing beside him.

Taylor loves a 4 Non Blondes singalong. Sadly, 4 Non Blondes was not played at this particular party but I'll still pretend that Taylor is saying "Heyyyyyyy yayyyyyyy yayyyyyyy yayyyyyy...."

Packed to the rafters. And if you look closely, Alon and William are making major across-the-room tall person eyes. Or so it seems.

Top Chef celeb Ty-Lor (right) and Italian porn star Matteo F., getting into Lina's throwblack 80s Rewind set which was heavy on the Duran Duran and B-52's. Or so I'm told.

Some words I learned while residing in Madrid: Hola tio! Muy guapo. Besos x 100!

The other Ru, out on a school night and getting his dance on in the only corner where there was enough room to dance.

The cuteness that is Chris, photobombed by the cuteness that is that stranger standing by the front door waiting for me to get his number. And photo.

Charlize (left) and Tawfik (aka ta-ta's) were once college roommates at a New York City art school. Then Tawfik became a famous fashion designer and Charles became Stephanie Stone, superstar cover girl most recently on the front page of Next Magazine. Get it gurls!

This fine piece of meat hanging by the front door turned out to be porn star Tommy Defendi, who was in town for a big porn party Mr. Mickey hosted two nights later at Eastern Bloc.

Timmy, back in black.

The DJs (Sparbish and Linish) and the porn stars (Tommy and Mason), posing in front of the porn star poster with their porn images. Our moms would all be so so proud.

Bad news for all the ladies with real vajayjays: Alon is a married man for reals. Like, legally married. Off the market. Had a wedding and all. Sorry! We have some other handsome Israelis in stock if you're interested though.

Major hair-o-dynamics.

A boy doing the Frankie Sharp while being hugged and/or fondled by the real Frankie Sharp.

Chaz is really embracing that Dixie Chick lesbian look this season. And I'm not complaining.

Everyone in London kind of looks like this. Not that I have many pictures, as I was pretty much sleeping during daylight hours and DJing and/or drinking pints with me mates during nighttime hours. So please use this photo for all London visual references. Thanks.

Sharp dressed men.

Somehow, Marc's coat check booth always turns into the guest visitor booth where you can come for some one-on-one therapy or for confessional or even to have Marc watch your belongings. Maybe.

Sam, pensively thinking, "damn! has this party really been happening for nearly five years?" Yes hunty. FIVE YEARS. And we will prep you for that major blow out party when it rolls around. Just you wait.

A rare appearance by my favorite designah from down undah, Mr. Mark B., who has even been helping me with my future tank top clothing line. Yes, get ready for it. Low cut muscle tanks for all.

Dancing and hot boys and more dancing and more hot boys. Good Times indeed!

Leif, Chaz and Magnan (from left) and I'm majorly jetlagged and out of captions so I'll leave it at that. Love you dudes!

Major euro-denim alert!

The twinkle in Abi's eye.

Janet album cover much? If I was your girl all the things I'd do to jew.

The hotness of Brian and Brian.

Plaid soul train.


So yeah - it was a pretty major party after all. Or so it seems from these three-week old pics. Hot boys and PBR and cock. What more could you ask for? DJ Nick from those wild Cheryl parties? Oh, he'll be DJing with me at the next Good Times on December 7th. Trust.

Brotherly love.

Thank you for your continued support of Good Times at Eastern Bloc. love, your DJ and your bartender/owner.

Now dance it out to this last SWV join and come back next week for me and DJ Nick. xo, Sparber

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