Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We had been looking forward to DJ Chris Bowen's return to New York and his debut at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc for many reasons, such as: 1) everyone in LA loves his Bears in Space party, 2) he loves cosmic disco tracks that clock in at 88 - 98 beats per minute and 3) he is a total sweetheart. And last Wednesday, he proved those points and more.

Miss Gary, getting into the holiday spirit and showing off that ring finger to announce that if you like it then you betta put a ring on it.

Lots o' folks came from holiday parties (me included) which is why I'm guessing these dudes are giving business attire realness. Or maybe ties are the new scarf.

Colin (left) was giving straight up Betty Wright in that she looked like a cleaned up woman with that handsome haircut and clean shaven face.

COAT CHECK IN FULL EFFECT, especially with these rainy Wednesdays we've been having which will soon be snowy Wednesdays which will then give way to hot and steamy summer Wednesdays and tank top season. Four more months!

Rockette Christmas Spectacular shows, now at Good Times at Eastern Bloc.

And speaking of holiday spectaculars, I'm hoping to see jew faces like Eric Schwartz' (right) and others at our annual Hannukah Hairy Good Times, now featuring 8 Days of Booty rolled into one with booty bass sounds courtesy of me and DJ Christy Love. December 21. Wiggle wiggle.

Nothing says happy holidays like a white turtleneck sweater.

Chaz and I kiki-ed about who is newly single and ready to mingle in these short days of December sunlight, when everyone who stays in the city seems readily available and ready to start drinking when its pitch black out at 6pm. Happy solstice!

When I sent out an email announcing that Bears in Space's Chris Bowen (pictured) from Los Angeles would be DJing my party, I received an overwhelming number of responses saying how much he is loved as a person and a DJ. And now I can totally see why

I really hope these dudes are in a band like Salem or something because they are letting me have it with these looks.

Porn legend Donnie Russo! New York nightlife legend Mario Diaz! Photographer to the stars Aaron Cobbett! (from right). These three could tell you more stories than a barfly at Studio 54 and I'm sure their tales would be muuuuuuuuch more skin-tillating.

An early evening visit from Franco (right) and his visiting house guest, both of whom were Good Times virgins till we popped their cherries.

Things that are turning me out right now: the new Escort album, sliced mangoes and that huge fucking mohawk.

We vote for Kevin (right, with Eddie) to keep that beard for ever and ever and ever and ever because he looks like a straight up model with it and, full disclosure: we love a beard.

I'm loving the deadpan stare from the dude on the right who desperately wants this bathroom line to hurry the fuck up.

Bathroom line shows.

More views of my amazing fantasy band and Drew in the red, who also happens to be a gay alum of the same, miniscule liberal arts college I attended near Philly called Haverford. Haaaaaay!

Outfit of the evening by a long shot.

Justin (right), doing bearish things with a bear-y fellow.

Requisite over-the-shoulder pose, which I make him do each and every time he attends my party.

I was gonna say that I really hoped Andrew (right, with Louis) removed that wrapper from his straw before he dug into that drink but then I realized that that's not a straw at all. Is it? #opticalillusions

Adam (left) and his boo were getting deep into the sounds of Chris' set, which started with slower, spacier stuff and progressed to a nice even house tempo. Just the way we like it.

Cheers to the freakin' weekend. And Hanukkah. And Christmas. And my New Year's Eve set in Chicago! "I'LL DRINK TO THAT."

Cowabunga dudes...and a cleaned-up Colin!

Never a lack of serious cuteness here at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. (maybe I should start watermarking my photos with that line.)

These two go way back to the days of the East Village in the 90s (the 1890s) and somehow they get even better looking with age. Or maybe they sold their souls in Tompkins Square Park.

After my unbelievable trip to Madrid, I've decided its time to brush up (aka learn) Spanish, which should not be a problem given the plethora of Spanish speaking friends I know (e.g. Cesar, left, and Joel).

Somehow my weekly Good Times photos have turned into something of a fan club for hirsute couple Tylor (left) and Matteo but since nobody seems mad at it, we'll keep at.

HAPPY HANUKKAH! from your favorite moteks, me and Sir Ari Gold and that dude photobombing us in the background.

Antonio (left) is gonna miss all the free Manischewitz madness at next week's Hanukkah Good Times booty throw down party but I suppose the trade off is that he'll be in Portugal and we'll still be on 6th st. and Avenue A.

Me and my new Saudi habibi, Ahmed, who was visiting New York for the first time ever and is now traveling around the rest of the US and Mexico before he returns to New York next week with an extra 10 pounds of good ol' American caloric intake.


Another Good Times virgin named Armando, who had little to say but seemed to enjoy the party as much as we enjoyed having him party with us.

Ari and his man, who met at a bus station in Arizona or something like that. I really can't be asked to remember details of the night after 1am but there was some story about finding love in the unlikeliest of places besides Eastern Bloc's bathroom.

The Case of Joe and the Mysterious Envelope of Money.

When we say Good Times, we mean Good Times. Just look at Sam the bartender in the background of this here photo.

We love an ode to Showgirls, either in tshirt form or in pole dance reenactments which sadly did not happen this particular week.

The tall boys at the tall boy perch.

Seriously can't believe Juan Diego (right) has deserted us for yet another Hanukkah in favor of Venezuela and didn't buy us a ticket as a Hanukkah present either. WTF?

Rob (right) and Jeremy, who will hopefully be the token booty dancer for me and his roommate Christy Love's booty set at next week's Hanukkah happening.



"Dressed in all black like the Omen."

Alex (left) and his ITP crew, repping late night.

A Hanukkah / Christmas present for our loyal followers. Thank you for being a friend.

The other tall boys in a competing tall boy perch.

As long as bar back Rob insists on taking these unflattering angles of himself, I'll insist on posting 'em.

And in case you are wondering, I DJed a holiday party in the financial district right before Good Times and had no time to change into a signature Sparber tank top. Sorry! But folks seemed to like it nonetheless.

All I want for Christmas is a Spice World sequel! Alan, please deliver!

Things that happen at coat check once most of the coats have been claimed.

Is Scotty saying get a load of this guy or is he giving us the finger? OR BOTH!?

Thank you Chris Bowen and all the space bears and space bear fans who came out! See you next week at our annual Hannukah Hairy Good Times, now with 8 Nights of Booty and guest DJ Christy Love (and free Manischewitz). xo, Sparber

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