Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Once upon a time, I met a boy in an AOL M4M chatroom in 1990something named Stanley. Years later, he started a Monday night party in San Francisco called Viennetta Discotheque with another awesome DJ named Robert Jeffery (aka DJ RobertJeffrey), or RJelly as we like to call him and last Wednesday at our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, RJelly made his nyc DJ debut.

Keisha was big primpin' in the DJ booth when I arrived cuz she was headed to a nearby Whitney Houston party to sing I'm Your Baby Tonight. Can't tell you how devastated I was to miss it, though I did catch KoKo Aviance's unbe-LIEVEABLE number.

How is it possible that sexiness that is Jacob (left) departed from New York nearly two years ago? He and his hubby moved back to Ohio, bought a house and are now selling that house for a possible move to San Francisco. Soooooo, if you need a house in Ohio, contact Jacob.

Dude on the left accosted me and asked if I had taken his photo Friday night at Eastern Bloc, as Kelvin has been absent from taking photos for a month now and apparently I'm being mistaken as Eastern Bloc's nightly photographer.

Good Times' resident invalid Erik, who is healing quite well thankyouverymuch.

Nightlife impresario Chuck Attix (left) and entourage.

William (left) and Dimitrios, who I should have hit up for tips on my two week trip to Greece next week but he was, errr, preoccupied with William if you know what I mean.

The follow-up good times smile photo for Good Times. Much more cheery, dontchathink?

RJelly! Guest DJ RobertJeffrey played a pretty deep house set from the get go and the children went wild and kept coming up to him to pay their respects.

Throwing Jorge major side eye for undetermined reasons (though we did note that Jorge's shirt was very very similar to the one Kanye West wore during his performance with Jay-Z at this year's Video Music Awards. Just sayin'.)

This week, on Bears I'm Jealous Of.

"I'm in the corner, watching you kiss him, uh oooh woahhhhh."

Prepping for fashion week by throwing over-the-shoulder poses like this.

Bobbsey twin brothers Jason (left) and Matteo, originally separated by an ocean but drawn together by the cosmic elements of our gay universe.

Shaquanda dug out the mask yet another alter ego of hers named Cupcake. And let me just tell you that Cupcake's performance at the nearby Whitney Houston event was one for the books.

Soon to be Brian's Grindr photo in 4, 3, 2, 1....

Damian got an early start on his Labor Day patriotism by sporting his Americana sunglasses indoors at 1am. "So What?"

Speaking of other sides of the ocean, Charlie S. (center) has been making waves in London ever since he moved there a few months back but still parties like a true Long Island boy, complete with Jaeger shots and pole dancing shows.

Alicja is an official Sparbie Doll (that's the really lame name I've given my fans a la Lady Gaga's Little Monsters), not only cuz she's seen me DJ in Los Angeles and New York more than twice but because she's also sporting the trademark Sparbie Doll badonkadonk.

Rob (right) and RJ, bestieis from Rob's "work trips" to San Francisco, quote unquote.

I've already volunteered to start fan clubs for both Jeff (left) and Michael, since they are the sweetest and most talented human beings in NYC nightlife and pretty much on earth.

And this will be Kyle's new facebook AND grindr photo in 4, 3, 2....

Yup. It got that cray cray with RJelly.

Happy birthday Juan Diego! Juan Diego is part of the original South American gay gangsta posse that has been hanging at Good Times for nearly four years now but has been kind enough to introduce us to every other gay Latin American living in New York. And for that we are very very thankful.

Plaid peeps hanging out near the new arcade games in Eastern Bloc, or as people now refer to it, the "game room."

Not a beard in sight!

Kevin (right) and Jorge, performing yet another bottle trick before the camera.

Shiny happy people holding handzzzzzzzzz.

Ahmed rolled through with a posse of Egyptians and chatted with me about Middle Eastern politics (Libya is so the new Egypt) and his bodacious bootiqua.

Did I mention that Good Times was really jam packed last Wednesday?

You're gonna wanna come out to the next Good Times too, as it is our poster child Steven Berghof's birthday night and we'll be celebrating with a Freestyle Explosion courtesy of me and guest DJ W. Jeremy.

Marc, giving you boddddddy.

Open up and say ahhhhhh?

Charlie and Wedgie became fast friends, due in part to the incredible set of overalls Wedgie was wearing that I secretly want to steal.

Giving you moves for days.

David (left) and Tim, the nonsmiling version.

And the smiling version.

This angelic creature appeared out of nowhere, standing 4' 10" or something close to that and bringing love and joy to everyone at Good Times.

The blurry, back-of-the-bar late night guy. There's always one.

Dennis (second from left) and his handsome harem. Note the denim button down trend, which has already swept England and is apparently making its way stateside this fall.

A kiss hello from the good company at Good Times and yes, I wore a onesie wrestling singlet.

Greg getting in to pole position.

Mike's farewell outing to Good Times, as he'll be starting back up as a teacher now that its September and you probably won't see him out and about until next June unless you're very very lucky and/or frequent the habibi parties.

(Almost) A situation.

Love a political statement about the ongoing genocide in Sudan. That is, until I realized this was Culture Club fan club prez Michael (he seriously is the fan club prez) and this shirt is referencing the War Song circa 1984. Oops.

That look of disbelief when I told him we still do dollar vodka drinks at Good Times from 11pm - 1130pm EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY.

RJ and his handsome boyfriend, who was visiting New York for this FIRST TIME EVER! Can you imagine? I was ready to give him a list of 59 things to do over the next four days even though they already hit tourist attraction numero uno: Good Times!

The full onesie. And yes I was wearing underwear.

Barman Darren, all tanned up after his vacay to Mykonos.

Gurl please.

Damian asked him to see some ID before the proceeded with this conversation.

Culture Club fan club president Michael!

Kevin is back, better than ever and lookin' for work. Please help a brother out.

Thank you to RobertJeffrey and everyone else that came to our New York edition of Viennetta Discotheque (minus Stanley Frank - come guest with us soon Stanley!) We'll be out in San Francisco DJing a huge Halloween party and more but until then, see you next week! xo, Sparber

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