Monday, September 12, 2011


How can I turn down a request for another freestyle night? Answer: I CAN'T. So when my good buddy W. Jeremy asked if he could guest at a freestyle Good Times for our weekly Wednesday party at Eastern Bloc, I knew I had to dust off the Shannon and Debbie Deb and Expose and take it to the point of no return.

Cheers to autumn, the season of the martini if these queens on the left have any sort of say on cocktail trends.

It has been a minute since we've seen dynamic duo known as Ryan (right) and David (second from right), who told me they had discovered the wonders and ecstasies of Fire Island this summer and cannot wait to get back next summer for some meat rack lovin'.

Ever since Kelvin traded in his photo taking duties and the homeless life for an apartment with an early curfew (hence why he can no longer snap pics), we've resorted to plain old photos of guys posing like this. Say cheeeeeeeese.

GEEK OFF! These two were totally dueling for the title of Geekiest Shirt of the Night. I'd say Dungeons and Dragons wins over a talking pi sign but you be judge.

Through the terrible rainstorm we experienced last Wednesday, Andrew (right) and Brewster emerged looking as if they had just stepped out of the showers atop the bar at the old Splash. Not mad at it.

Jhon (left) was all smiles as usual as he played host and supportive boyfriend for his boo W. Jeremy, our guest DJ of the evening, who kicked off his set with one of my favorite freestyle songs of all time ever, All Night Passion by freestyle jewess Alisha.

Your friendly Good Times staffers Rob (left) and Scotty. Fun fact: Scotty is actually more than twice Rob's age, though they are best of friends and confide in each other about EVERYTHING.

Fiercest photo of the night. When did Erik (right) lose the arm cast and change in to a uniform and why is that black chick giving you don't-fuck-with-me eyes?

Freestyle, EXPLOSION!

Your mixmasters for the evening, me and the W. Jeremy, who just returned from DJing in LA and couldn't stop gushing over how much love he has for Cali.

I don't think it was one of these two but a guy came up to me pretty early on in the evening and told me he had been tracking my whereabouts and party happenings over the past few years all the way from Australia. Twerking and Good Times loves our foreign following! Bring us to your city next.

I don't think Andrzej (left) and Kyle actually know each other but since I know both of 'em and I was on camera duties, I somehow got them to do one of those I-don't-know-you-but-I'll-hug-you-anyway poses. Major Andrzej side eye!

Freestyle Explosion Good Times always brings out the best of the tri-state area, aka Ryan (left) and his hunky tie-loosened friend.

WEDGIE! rocking a vintage and major Tootsie pops tee.


Signs of the impending fashion week curse that falls upon New York every September.

When they hear music, it makes them dance.

Apparently it was really coming down hard outside or so I was told, though I imagined everyone had chosen to give wet looks a la Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

James (left) and Sorky, who I also ran into at my first booze cruise around Manhattan on Friday at the Spank Viking Boat party, which was pretty fantastic for someone who has anxiety about being trapped on a boat for 2.5 hours.

Oh my god, shoes. And rain boots. Or wellies. Or whatever you call those things.

These two literally waltzed into the bar and started making out before I even had a chance to place their accents (though I'm pretty sure they were spanish. I mean, aren't they all). Speaking of which, guess who's headed to Madrid????? Madridians, get at me.

SUPERSTAR DJ HECTOR FONSECA! (left). Word on the street is that Hector is one of the sweetest, handsomest and and most talented DJs around. And from what I've seen, I'd totally sign off on that statement.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN! Steven (left, with Kevin and Joseph) got to have his cake and eat it too (literally) by having a few birthday parties spread out of the course of last week, though we all know his Good Times celebration was the most meaningful to him. Love you Steven!

Your Dr. Demento moment of the evening.

"This bitch is what the East Village is all about. This bitch is only thing left of the OLD SCHOOL EAST VILLAGE!," so said Formika (right) of Eastern Bloc owner and bartender Darren.

Don't be fooled: Eastern Bloc is not an 18 to enter, 21 to drink type of establishment, no matter what messages you're getting from this picture.

Not sure what that Failure shirt is all about but she sure is succeeding with this pole dance to Giggles' Love Letter, the most requested song of the night.

That little cute Greek boy! Speaking of which, after next week's Erickatoure Good Times for Erickatoure's new album with guest DJ Nita, I'll be in Greece for two weeks. Fear not: Good Times will continue on with guest DJs Timmy & Sean Lisle (week one) and DJs Will Automagic & Sugartitz (week two). And then I'm back for belated Jewish New Year Good Times!!!

Love a hairy arm. Hizies!

Club Good Times meets Club Monaco.

What did Pi say to the square root of 1? No seriously, what did he say because I can't read this dude's shirt and I really have no idea about these math joke punchlines.

Both Jorge and Rob are a bit young to remember the late 80s and early 90s freestyle explosion but we schooled their asses with a heavy helping of TKA and Sweet Sensation, thankyouverymuch.

The Oak-y folkies Louis (left) and Andrew, who were sorely missed at this weekend's Miss Fire Island pageant and Throwblack Sundays and Kiki Lounge afterhours but we understand they have to, like, buy clothes for their store or something. Whatevs.

A sexy non-bearded fella who may or may not have been Formika's date for the evening. She likes 'em half her age as well.

It is hard to hang with Gerardo (right) and not immediately think of that other late 80s / early 90s music sensation Gerardo who sang Rico Suave. Which reminds me: maybe we're overdue for a Latin Explosion Good Times even though last time we did that, no one really appreciated my Selena selections.

We were hoping that after Hurricane Irene, the next letter in the hurricane alphabet would go to our perennial hurricane, Hurricane Jason (right), who was blowing at full force last Wednesday when made a special late night Good Times appearance.

'ello London. Our good friends Lyall (left) and Hugo, both of whom reside in London, made their Good Times debut last week, though they showed up on the later side and possibly on the inebriated side. But we were still delightfully tickled to finally see them on this side of the pond.

Lapland: it's not just a Scandinavian province.

Ciao-zies Marcelo. We can't wait for you too hook us up with some DJ gigs in Italia. Good Times Milano, anyone?

Thank you W. Jeremy and everyone who braved the rain for another awesome freestyle fiesta. See you next week for me and DJ Nita and an Erickatoure performance to celebrate her new album, Ericka! reWorked. Til then. xo, Sparber

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