Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Spring has sprung! And nothing says spring love like a little Stevie B. and other freestyle classics, brought to you at last week's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc (Wednesdays) courtesy of yours truly and guest DJ Sean Labbe, a former Monday night resident and an all-around awesome dude.

Mariano (second from right) and his harem of models made an early appearance, as Mariano promised he had to be up at 7am the next day due to his hectic work schedule and perpetual jetlag.

Me and Ms. T, who was giving major day looks when he popped by to say hello "quickly." Fast forward to 4am when she was still holding court at the bar and in the bathroom.

Michael (left) and Tom, working on their final springtime looks before Speedo season hits in a major way.

Testing the freshness level.

Day looks galore! But fear not my friends, as Erickatoure Aviance (right) will be serving up a major night look at next week's Good Times, where I conned her into performing since next Wednesday just happens to be my birthday Good Times.

Gary (left), Josh (right) and I all attended the Kylie Minogue concert together on Monday and can I just say that I'm still spinning around, move out of my way, I know you're feelin' me cuz you like it like this.

Springtime foot apparel, for all my sisters that are into toetrix and footwear fashions.

Head of the class.

The next incarnation of Good Times should probably take place at Escuelita or maybe we should just do a one-off there, as Latin and sexy bearded men seems to go hand in hand now more than ever.

Our kooky photo man Kelvin ran over to me and was like, YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH HER! HER NAME IS [something that rhymes. Like Danitta Canada or something]. Ummm, okay Kelvin. Not sure that translates in a photo but if you say so...

The Gorgeous Ladies of Good Times.

Michael (left) was seriously out the door and halfway into a taxi when everyone's favorite Italian stallion, Vito (right), magically appeared, causing Ms. T to do a 180 and head right back inside.

Straight but not narrow.

Kelvin was really feeling the head-in-the-crotch thing last week. Wow.

Some people camped out to come hear me and guest DJ Sean Labbe spin like the dude in the camo pants pictured here.

She even got up to pose for the camera but didn't quite make it into the party :(

Bill Clinton hand gesture impersonations are always a good party trick.

Daddyhunt posterman Jake Deckard and one successful daddychaser.

Sean Labbe (center) was a little nervous about not having DJed in a little while but really turned it cunt with more freestyle than any given hour on the beat of New York, K.T.YOU!

Not-so-subtle note to handsome Jose a.k.a. the big booty baker: BRING CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES TO MY BIRTHDAY GOOD TIMES NEXT WEEK. PLEEEEEEEEASE!

And the daddy hunt continues.

Evans (center) instantly fell under the hypnotic spell of Lil Suzy and Lisette Melendez.

HI VANCEY! Fire Island will not be the same this summer without Vance G. (right) heading up the entertainment division but we will try to move on as best we can beginning with my DJ gig for an Oak pop-up shop out there May 21.

Not sure why Kelvin couldn't snap a proper pic of the cute little piglet named Rodrigo but we'll have to settle for this candid shot of him tweeting from the corner of the bar.

Idan is always on the daddy hunt too. Noticing a pattern here.

You can't hide behind that beer bottle forever, mystery man.

These three are really pumped for next week's party, not only cuz Erickatoure AND Natasha Raye are performing but because we have an all-star DJ line-up of Nita, Ryan McKnight and Michael Magnan in the hizz-ouse. Very Mr. Black meets Happy Valley.

Hola chicas.

Braden (right) and crew, up on the pole for a late night underwear photo shoot

It's in your eyes, I can tell what you're thinking, my heart is sinking too.

Money shot.

Next week is also Darren's birthday (well, his is on May 5 but he'll be celebrating with us and a few shots of Jaeger). And Gabe's (right) is May 13th. That's right. Good Times is an ALL-TAURUS type of affair.

See you next week at my Good Times birthday blowout. I'll be accepting all forms of chocolate and legal tender as gifts. Thank you and goodnight. xo

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