Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It has been both a goal and a fantasy of ours to book San Francisco's iconic Juanita More to DJ our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. The problem has been that Juanita has an equally awesome party called Booty Call on Wednesdays in SF. It took four years for us to coax her but last Wednesday, we got Juanita More and boy did she bring it.

Meet Rob, who is not only our handsome young bar back but also the new Good Times photographer. No more Kelvin messiness ever since he lost my camera and photos from my own Good Times birthday party two weeks ago, hence the gap in weekly photos.

May should be renamed gay baby month because it seems like everyone (James Ryan included, second from right) has a birthday this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES RYAN! And congrats on finishing your masters in playwrighting. Don't forget to thank us when you win your first Emmy.

NEWSFLASH: Chad (left) moved back to New York, Matt Camp (center) has been hitting the gym real hard (by his own admission. Hello swimsuit season!) and Krys (right) is shooting a photo project of people in animal poses / costumes. I call Koala!

Yikes. Stripes. Fruit striped gum.

Like a true lady, Juanita (right, with sweethearts Steven and Tom) showed up right on time looking as dazzling as ever.

Do you think orange crush refers to his ginger preferences as exhibited on the left?

David Davis and a member of his flat brim posse, giving full on Los Angeles gang dress code with just the top button buttoned.

Commence the beard rubbing fetish video for youtube in 3, 2, 1....

The belle of the ball.

Me making photographer Jeff laugh his arse off, probably when I told him how despite Kelvin losing my camera the week before, he had the nerve to lie and say he still had it, show up at 1015pm last Wednesday (still saying he had the camera) and drop a deuce in the Eastern Bloc bathroom!, never to be seen again for the rest of the night.

Our newest cutie in the regular Wednesday rotation. Oh, and he's a total Polly Pocket too.

JAMES, who just couldn't wait for memorial day to don his whites.


Thanks to everyone who came out to the first On Top party at Le Bain inside the Standard this past week, including Jorge (right), who got down do his undies and jumped in the jacuzzi alongside a gaggle of topless ladies.

Charo Beans DaBarge is my newest obsession! She rolled through town with her Houston, Texas posse and tore things up in every which way. Leave it to a Texas queen to make us New Yorkers gag boots.

Note the vintage Juanita More tshirt Steven is rocking to the right. Steven is a die-hard Juanita groupie but so was pretty much everyone else at last week's party. Juanita has that effect on people (especially younger ballet dancer boys).

A packed house filled with bearded and boys from San Francisco, including Danny (in the white tank) and Kristopher (black hat).

Jeremy (right, with Jhon) were in a short-lived musical project that has yet to see the light of day, though we may be releasing our half a song one day soon.

William's new lip tattoo. Can you guess what it says?


Another vintage Juanita tee. She should seriously be selling these gems at Barney's or Odin or something. Collectors items for sure (though I still don't have one HINT HINT, JUANITA). Buy yours here.

Moments in love, brought to you by the Art of Noise and Jordan E.

While Rob was busy bar backing, I actually ended up taking a lot of these photos, including this one of this cute Williamsburger who looks like he's giving you candid but actually posed like this.

Robinson (right), showing off the newest bear in town.

I'm predicting the next trend in tattooing is gonna be Juanita More imagery. For realz.

Bryan, all pumped and excited for Christmas, and by Christmas, I mean IML (International Mr. Leather) in Chicago, which is pretty much Christmas for Bryan.

The deceiving thing about those red lights at Eastern Bloc is that you miss out on some color accents and details like the fact that Shane was totally showcasing fluorescent green hair. Thank god for camera flashes.

Namy, straight off the plane from Berlin or so I thought because he was super tired, though he had actually been in LA for a week so that jetlag excuse didn't really hold up under further examination from Sparbish Walters, getting you the full story each and every time.

Jon, Mel and an air guitar hero jamming out to the tech house that Juanita and I both played for the majority of the evening.

All, night, all night passion.

James Ryan (with Luke) stuck around a little later than expected. A lot later, actually, but I'm sure he only has faint memories of this.

If DJ Will and I were drag queens, Will would be some kind of drag mother to me as he has helped me along my DJ path and for that he deserves ten thousand taco-flavored kisses.

Starting my own East Village reality show called BECOMING CHAZ (REQUINA) and it's all about Chaz's quest for music, parties and the perfect hair gel.

Hangin' tough.

Rob will soon be needing an intern to carry beer boxes for him while he's photographing our Good Times party so send him your applications (on Grindr) now.

Joshua (center) was new to Good Times and having his photo taken and is very eager to see it reposted on He also goes to the same gym as me and is going to start spotting me for chest presses. GYM INTERN!

This was the real keeper in the William-and-Christy photo shoot, though I couldn't resist posting the outtakes as well...


And then there's the requisite boob-grabbing-at-a-gay-bar photo. Almost makes you miss the days of Kelvin yelling random photo directions at everybody.

As I said in the last photo set, broken limbs are IN in 2011 despite the I-wanna-kill-myself look that he's giving in this here photo.

Bartender Gabe was busy having a birthday this week, which is why bartender Sammy subbed for him while practicing his America's Next Top Model moves for the camera. Up next: broken down doll looks.

Shaquandré's video for the next RuPaul's Drag Race has been submitted! We can't wait to see him in the interior illusions lounge looking, what? SICKENING.

Me and my video vixen hoes.

Charlize Cats Who?

A late night guest appearance by Andrew G., who will not be attending this year's IML get together despite the travel sling he's already purchased for it.

When the House of Black collides with the House of Aviance, though little did Eddie and Nita know that their houses would be photobombed Charo Beans DeBarge!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Seriously need to fly to H-Town and party with these girls again ASAP!

And even more vintage Juanita More tees. JUANITA FOR PRESIDENT!

Juanita has a knack for multitasking when it comes to DJing, socializing and befriending handsome young boys.

Late night hijinx with Webster Hall superstar bartender Thomas H., who got me into DJ Switch's show at Webster where I learned that Webster Hall on a Friday night is basically Jersey Shore fist-pumping hell.

The OG of Polly Pockets and apparently part of the DeBarge family as well, Mr. Rico.

My two favorite people on earth.

My least favorite person on earth. JK. LOL. Heart you James Ryan!

Ummmmmm, why is everyone still here at 330am? Oh, could it be that Juanita TURNED IT! Thank you Juanita. Good Times loves you very much and is going to sabotage your Booty Call party so you can come play with us more often.

...all night passion gets me through the day.

See you next week at our Eurythmics Good Times party with guest DJ Honey Dijon (!!!), aka Sweet Dreams Are Made of Honey. xo

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