Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As the breezy autumn nights begin to arrive in New York City, nothing warms our hearts more than a few Fall traditions to make us feel festive and carb-tastic once again. Which is why we carried on the German tradition of Oktoberfest at last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc, mixed with a good old American tradition...

BOBBING FOR APPLES! Who doesn't love bobbing for apples, especially when it involves winning a free shot of apple schnopps?!

It's like the dudes who used to shower on the bar at Splash, except now everyone can get wet!

Mrs. Mikey L. was the brainchild behind our bobbing contest. She has been fantasizing about apple bobbing since Labor Day weekend, when he hung up his whites and pulled out his flannels.

This would have been even more major if we had filled up the bucket with vodka and not told anybody.

Baked apples!

We didn't really do much German-themed Oktoberfest music because nobody would really stand for more than five minutes of Bavarian band music and there's only so many times I can play 99 Luftballoons in German.

Real life Aryans!

Back to Mumbai for Mikey Delucia (left). We're sad to say goodbye but we're planning a fundraiser to get us over there ASAP and jumpstart our career as a bhangra wedding and Bollywood see-and-be-seen DJ.

How do you like them apples?

We always love to see some new, young and fresh faces like these at our weekly Wednesday party. In fact, next week we'll be hosting a Good Times Purity Party solely for the sexually uninitiated and their admirers with purity master and guest DJ Timmy!

Jarrod, Mel and Garret (from left), huddling up for some traditional German dancing.

Never did I think the day would come when a bearded boy, dripping wet and gagged by an apple would leave me captionless for a photo.

Riveting gestures from the crowd of on-lookers. Get it gurl!

Oktoberfest was apparently very lady friendly too from what I can tell. Maybe it was the Fischerspooner beats I was bringing back, to which someone commented, "you know Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters is secretly the same person who sang on Fischerspooner's first album." False, but nice try.

Gonorrhea check. All clear.

Thomas (right) swore that his "Kraut" shirt was a mere Oktoberfest coincidence. Meanwhile, that black leather jacket with the red trim is making me quiver with jealousy.

Air-bobbing for apples. And Kevin even scored one!

Ich liebe dich. Lutsch mein' Schwanz.

Da da da.

Enter piggy roast joke here.

Your master of ceremonies, suited up in lederhosen.

Next time we do a lez parties, this is totally how the bobbing for apples contest is gonna go.


Did I not say the ladies turned out in droves for Oktoberfest? Now all we need is a few more dirndls and we're set.

NEW COUPLE ALERT! Luke (left) and Justin have been caught cannoodling in more than one bathroom around town. And happy birthday Andre (right) or Shaqunda, since apparently Shaquanda and Andre have different birthdays and different birthday celebrations.

HAPPY OKTOBERFEST! See you next week for me and DJ Timmy's purity party.

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