Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Not only did last week's Wednesday party at Eastern Bloc have the best name ever (CHAKAHOLIC), it also had the best soul/funk sounds ever courtesy of our superb guest DJ Eugene Tambourine, who pretty much made everyone geek out over Chaka from 10pm till last call.

At 10pm, this crowd of hooligans had already lined up at the door and were ready for some hot butterflies. Nice side eye, Evans.

Nana IS every woman and then some. She was so jazzed on the Chaka that Eugene jumped in to play the more easy listening selections for the first hour. THROUGH THE FIRE.

Guest DJ Eugene (right) and his man cozying up to my most favorite soul jam ever, Between The Sheets.

Rafael, Jordan and Adam (from right) in the three phases of mustache growth.

Did you know Diego (left, with Charlie) handcrafts his own low-cut tank tops to show off the goods? I'm desperately trying to convince him to open up shop to me so I can have some new duds for London.

I love me a jumpsuit, catsuit or any ol' onesie, especially in canary yellow.

Soul/funk tinted glasses are a must at any chakaholic gathering.

My oh my. What do we have here and where can I sign up for one?

Lest we forget that Mikey (left, with Evans) is from New Jersey, he has recently let the words "shit roll" slip from his otherwise pristine mouth.

This was the closest anyone came to any type of Chaka wig or hair whatsoever, which is obviously three wigs short of of an actual Chaka Khan 'do.

DOUBLE YES! Stephen and Scott win the prize for their amazeballs Chaka and Rufus tshirts.

Kevin (left) and Willie, having an "I Feel For You, I think I love ya" kind of moment.

R.U. Bot or Not (left), with Andrew.

Extreme Brazilian closeup! I'm pretty sure that's Kelvin's finger too, which I wouldn't put near my lips for all the 3 Musketeers in the world.

EAST VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS returns! for the sole purpose of dwarfing Kelvin (center).

Already foaming at the mouth for next week's $2 beers all night at our Good Times Oktoberfest. Or maybe its the thought of me in Lederhosen, which will be a sight to behold.

Ain't Nobody does it better than Xander in a neon queen of the scene look.


After her dramatic ejection from Good Times two years ago, Kyra showed face and dress and pout all at once.

Scott O. (right) flew in all the way from China to check out Good Times. Well, not really, but his visit is long overdue and we promise to do a Moffits night or some other Canadian-themed shindig (Alanis!) next time he returns.

David Davis (left) has given up on San Francisco and is back in New York City, folks, meaning he'll miss my return to Booty Call and Some Thing at the Stud in November :(

Do You Love What You Feel, Mr. Charlie (left)?

Pretty much my favorite moment of the evening was when this gorgeous creature in a turtleneck and blazer climbed up on the pole...

...and then climbed down on the pole.

After hours can officially begin now that Michael T. (left) and Earl (right) are in attendance.

Brewster (left) and Andrew, who disappeared with Michael T. for an "extended boot session," whatever that means.

Thank you Eugene for the delicious Chaka tunes, pretzel rods and mini Toblerones! If you're still hungry for stink next week, we'll be bobbing for apples and serving up hot fresh tunes. xo

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