Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lina floated the idea of a small, intimate birthday gathering on her actual birthday at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc a few months back. And knowing that nothing is ever small (but can sometimes intimate) with Ms. Linish, I jumped at the occasion.

Hola Cesar (right). I haven't seen you not drunk in the basement of Vandam in so so long.

I promised to play lots of Lina's favorites, which of course had to include Vanity 6, seen here in a more updated, 2010-and-ready-for-the Hills version of the famous Prince proteges.

Ride 'em cowboy Gant. Gant and Lina used to work together back at the old East Village Crow Bar and Salon Cheetah at Flamingo. Old school!

Kiss me once. Kiss me twice. Come on pretty baby kiss me deadddddd-leeeeeee.

I am starting a facebook page to get Darren to take down that poster of a gaping asshole, as it totally distracts me from the cutie in the middle here.

This was Troy's birthday week too (center. Happy birthday Troy!) and so all the children were out giving shows, including Eddie (left) and Andreas, who is now gearing up for a zehr deutsche May Day.

Yawning because he is over Kelis' Acapella, unlike me.

Hypnotic tango.

B-boy Rich King (right) and his fly girl in blue leather jacket a la the In Living Color dancers.

David (left) is slowly coming out of that winter hibernation and gearing up for a summer of slutty bar dancing tricks like making a case of beer disappear up his rear. But only if you tip him.

Sometimes I wish that Stephen Koren's name was really Stephen Korean.

Ryan (left, with Ray) is currently working on his autobiography, entitled "I'm Not That Inn-o-cent."

Fashion note: everyone looks hot in football shirts and jerseys. Extra points and drink tickets if you wear the shoulder pads and eye makeup to our party too.

Wait. What's that you hear? Is that the sound of 10,000 screaming faggots? Why I do believe...

...MISS LINA JUST WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR. And of course, she was rolling 10 deep with her gaggle of gays. Happy birthday Linish. We all wuv you vewy vewy much.

Shorty is the shit.

Gary (left, with Josh) just might explode and evaporate into thin air following not one but two nights of upcoming Courtney Love concerts in New York City. I'll be there Tuesday and then Courtneying out at Good Times on Wednesday for Hole and the Pole: Courtney Meets Cock Rock.

Kurt, Adam and an unknown habibi.

Art (left) held court next to this wall-mounted moosehead for the majority of the night and gave fake buzzcuts to anyone who dared to ask him out on a date.

Michael (left) and friend, feeling good vibrations and sweet sensations.

ADAM VS. ADAM. Obvious, Daniel Nardicio will be refereeing this one.

Kevin (center), pretending he is as golden as Nafees (left) and Ru. SORRY KEVIN! Summer is almost here though.

WILL VS. WILL. I am seeing a pattern in these photos, taken by our newly paid Good Times busboy aka Kelvin.

How do you say Delectable? Delicious, delovely, deee-vine.

Lina pretty much lost it when I played the B-52's Give Me Back My Man. I'll give you fish!

Lina and her harem.

And please note that lovely blown up Barbie poster in the background, which Lina pretty much gagged over the second she walked in.

The bright side of Matt's spontaneous Berlin trip being cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud is he got to hang with his homies at Good Times rather than her German bar owner boyfriend.

If Madonna Calls, put Kelvin on the "phone."

Give me bodddddddy x 5.

Another angle of me, Art, Stephen and that gorgeous Barbie poster.

Who in the world is that incognito sistah? See you next week at another fantastic Good Times.

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