Wednesday, April 14, 2010


New York's true father of gay nightlife, Mister Johnny Dynell, known by many as Daddy, used to do an after hours party called Is It All Over My Face Jag Disco. This was after his Mudd Club days (!) and before his notorious Jackie 60 party (!!!). At last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, Daddy dug into his disco collection to help us do the tiiiiime waaaaarp againnnn.

I always wonder if women who wear dresses like this worry about mischievous fingers exposing them with one fell swoop.

Howdy fellas! Are you gagging over my extensive collection of Doctor's Cat italo-disco hits yet?

Jon Jon Fields' tricep is ready to boogie oogie oogie!

The daytime faces of Yves Saint Laurent, Charles (left) and Ryan, who also double as the nighttime faces of The Cock.

Mikey (right, with Eddie) will be chaperoning me on my California DJ tour next week, where I'll be hitting Mustache Mondays in LA and then Booty Call and Some Thing at the Stud up in San Francisco. Dance Party U.S.A.

Happy birthday Jeffypoo! I hope this year is filled with many more excuses to that cockring necklace of yours which you know is my fave.

Stephen (right) now manages the most deee-vine southern style restaurant over on 9th avenue called Tipsy Parson. He also enjoys yoga, long walks on the beach and guys his height or taller, which is 6' 4".

Wrestlemania 2010!

Simple solids at work on a trio of simple and cute young men.

And on another fashion note, I love me some wide lapels on a leather lookalike jacket like this. Not sure why they glued their eyes shut though.

Daddy vs. Daddy.

Having a Tila Tequila moment on the stripper pole, to the tune of Andrea True Connection's More More More.

"DID SOMEBODY JUST SAY ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION?!" Casey might have needed help in getting propped up by the friend behind him but he was living for the disco nonetheless.

Pointy sisters.

Rosebud lips!

Big thank you to my DJ god Michael Magnan (right) and Telfar (not pictured) who filled in at Good Times while I was away devouring masbaht, fattoush and hummus.

Brian (right) is already counting down the minutes until he first sets foot on that Fire Island ferry to the Pines and can upload his first poolside bathing suit pic of the summer.

George and friend giving you ATM photo prop realness! Work that ATM! Make love to the ATM.

If the waist on those shorts got any higher, Shaquanda would be wearing them around her nipples. Wait, don't give her any ideas.

Already plotting how to marry Medo (center) so I can steal away the property title to his family's house in Damascus and have it all to myself.

Daddy is gonna make you sweat like Duaner over there!


I can only guess that Kelvin's camera direction was to smush your mouth to the side of your face and say nights in white satin.

TWIN MOMENT! Love me some gay twins up in hurrrrr at Good Times.

"I got a call it ain't for you." Bonus points for the Germs tee and LOLs for Shaquanda giving face, face, face, beauty face to the side.

Alex and friend, loving to love you baby.

James (left) confided that he has absolutely no idea how to act in a gay bar and kind of gets nervous in such establishments. Which is probably why William (right) proceeded to order him five Jaeger shots.

The Kiki Twins, letting you HAVE IT with those mesh spacesuit tops!

Michael T. turned up and a Jackie 60 nostalgiafest ensued. Oh, if you could have only been a fly on the wall to hear all about the antics of Joe Jackson and such.

Chris came suited up in gayderhosen with a chocolate bunny, which I had to wrestlemania out of his grip because that is how I react around chocolate. Do not tempt me.

And speaking of temptation, do I spy the rare public triple kiss?!?!

And the after effects of a triple kiss. Someone ALWAYS gets left out :(

Ricky, Linda, Chris and Chris (from left), who should all go on a televised road trip together to find out what happens when queens stop being polite and start being REAL.

I swear that by 2something in the morning, the Willy Wonker acid factor had multiplied exponentially.

Need I say more? I didn't think so.

These daddies make Daddy look like Twilight star Robert Pattinson. And you know they were LIVING for all the Donna Summer we played.

Is he taunting me to do an L7 night? Don't test me. I'll do it.

One hundred thank yous to Johnny, who really turned us out with an impressive disco set and stellar mixing as well. There's a reason he is king of the New York DJ business.

PS - This is illegal in Beirut bars, just so you don't get kicked out if you ever head to Beirut (which you totally should).

This picture magically came to us from 1978!

I feel a whoot comin' on.

Save it for Fire Island, Brian!

See you next week when we have an intimate throwblack Barbie birthday celebration for the one and only Linish aka DJ Lina. xo

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