Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mystery! Intrigue! Dragonette remixes! We don't know much about the elusive producer/remixer Richard X but we do know that we love his songs and so we played them all night long last Wednesday at our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc.

Music aficionado and occasional DJ Sean M. had been begging me for a Richard X party since the dawn of Annie (the singer, not the musical) so I invited him to do an early set and play as many remixes of Chewing Gum as he could find.

Which of these handsome young men do not work at Eastern Bloc? And Keisha (right) doesn't count because she's pretty much an honorary employee with all the bar time she's put in.

These two were apparently living out the lyrics to Freak Like Me...

...cuz they were ready to (pump pump) all through the night till the early morn'.

Gustavo (left) is an official Good Times convert, although he did sneak out early for a supposed cupcake consortium. Actually, f I weren't DJing, I'd be vying for cupcakes too.

I am going to start leaving a table tent on this bench that simply says "Reserved for Shawn & Friends" because this is exactly where I need them every Wednesday.

Finest Dreams just walked into the bar (on the left).

Nighttime yoga begins now.

Even if I ended up playing that remix of Gwen Stefani's Cool three times (or more), I still don't feel cool enough to throw cowabunga and hang ten signs. But more power to this dude.

Jeferson (left) needs to whisk us all away to Brazil right about now. But since the airports are shuttered due to the snowstorm, come to next Good Times!, where we'll be playing lots of Hot Chip and asian rock goddess bands like Shonen Knife!

Black by popular demand.

Stephen (right) and his new friends, one of whom is also named XANDER. Sacrelig! Not sure if this Xander is gay or not but we're hoping Stephen found out before the night was over.

Jonathan (right), dresssed for our Flannel & Grunge party which we have yet to plan but are prepping for by listening to alot of Pearl Jam's Ten album.

The T. has arrived and has begun to sniff out beards and boots.

I think everyone forgot about our weekly open vodka bar from 11 - 1130 last Wednesday because it took a few cranberry vodkas, red bulls and encouraging words from photographer Kelvin get these guys ready for their close-up.

Dear Eddie (right), I hope you are surviving the cold, white winter in Germany. I hope someone else gives Kelvin the middle finger at this week's Good Times and that you return home ASAP. xo, Sparber

Santi (left, with Daniel and friend) who was living for the Richard X and Grum remixes of Goldfrapp's Rocket as much as I am living for his buzzed-in beard designs.


Kiss me deadly!

Oooooh. Miss Stephanie Stone has just the cure for the frigid tempertures outside with her Russian bombshell up in pumps look.

And speaking of bombshells, can we talk about the guest coat checker? Can we have substitutes like this every week?

If Gary (left) and his bar coworkers were in a band, I hope they'd be called InXES.

I wonder if tattoo inks spurts out of that nipple if you suck too hard.

Chris Ryan (left) loves a tie almost as much as he loves a Madonna/Britney/Gaga-themed twink party.

Wake her up and tell her that we're about to play that Rachel Stevens' Some Girls song. Again.


His reddish beard is reminding me: Can you believe I let a ginger guest DJ the opening set?!?!

GET IT NANA! I bet Nana's girlfriends tell their friends that they're dating the ill Nana.

More russian realness courtesy of Tommy, cuddled by a more dressed-down Jason.

TURN THOSE FROWNS UPSIDE, young men! I just put on Tracy Ullman!

Thank god RuPaul's Drag Race is on Mondays and not Wednesdays. Otherwise we'd NEVER get Luke out of the house before midnight.

Mother T. (left) using all of her sensory perceptive devices on bartender Darren.

Jackie giving you Rainbow Brite at a candy rave to the sounds of Moby when he was more relevant as a musician than a political activist.

Is that all there is? If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing.

LAST CALL, CUNTY CRAWFORD! Make your way to the bar NOW.

How is the one dude full-on making out with somebody who isn't reciprocating the gesture?

Nothing tells a story like the timestamp on these photos. This one was taken at 3:41am...

...and this one was taken at 3:51am. GET IT CURLY! See you next week!

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