Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sammy Jo rolled through with a well-teased Robert Smith wig for last Wednesday's Boys Don't Cry at Good Times party, where we had The Cure on blast all night long and lots of love cats abound.

10:15 on a Wednesday Night. And the (beer) tap drips drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip.

Walking like a drunk Egyptian.

Frank, Delvin and Phil (from right), shortly before Phil's equally as handsome boyfriend appeared, swatting off our resident papparazzo. Phil and Mel O., separated at birth?

They don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too. In fact, Wednesday was gray, cold and wet but there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that light serves free vodka drinks from 11 - 1130.

That hair is EVERYTHING. East Village's answer to Jedward.

Getting a leg up over the competition.

Tylor doesn't actually ever move from this spot at the bar. Ever. He just phones a friend to bring him a change of clothes and then goes about his business whether the bar is open or closed.

David L. (right), giving a bit of hair worship to his friend when he's not busy giving muscle worship.


Black is definitely the new black at any self-respecting Boys Dont Cry party.

Kelvin's impromptu Good Times advertorial didn't come out as well I think he thought it would. But at least we all know the name of my party now.

SAMMY JO IS A GOD! And his Cure set was also something fieeeeeerce.

I can't decide if the good times are up above or down below.

Bradley (left) and a visiting Brit, getting on our groovy train and riding it to the very last stop and then some.

Oh Shaquanda, what we'd give to have you perform at next week's Ma-Ryan Carey festivities, aka a night of Mariah Carey for Ryan McNally's birthday as interpreted by guest DJ Gant Johnson and powerhouse performance artist Keisha Aviance.

Fash-on. The fashion week tents are down now but we still live for inspiring looks and reward them handsomely with drink tickets.

Daniel Nardicio giving you Robert Smith on rollercoaster.

Frank, giving you Robert Smith moves to Oregon.

Fashion week never really ends for Xander and that is why we love him.

Unidentified Robert Smith in an overdose state of mind.

Robert Smith goes plaid.

Robert Smith needs your coat check tip money!

Robert Smith will bounce your ass out the door if you don't have valid ID.

Robert Smith - get down on all fours and squeal like a pig!

Robert Smith will turn you out with his music whether you're in New York, Barcelona or Argentina.

Robert Smith likes cock!

Robert Smith possessed my body and apparently some frat dude with a backwards fitted cap possessed Adrian's.

Eddie is back and he loved Berlin! Can we say destination wedding?!!

Parker (on the left) opted for anti-fashion end to fashion week instead of giving his usual bow-tied adorable look.

Is that a chick? Or he is making out with a very sleepy Keisha?


I must have been playing Kelis' Blindfold Me at this point.

Donkey-punched Kelvin (with bartender and Butt Mag pinup Darren) in the now incredibly unhygenic Robert Smith wig. See you next week at a very MaRyan Carey Good Times!

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